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A police officer has been fired after an incident in which a female prisoner, who was taken into custody on suspicion of DWI, wound up lying on the police station floor in a pool of blood.
Much of what happened was recorded on a videotape, but there is a gap of undetermined length.

During that time, the woman was believed to have been injured.
She said she was beaten up, the officer said she fell.

Last November, Angelia Garbirino was arrested for ‘Suspicion of a DWI’ in Shreveport, LA. The officer, Wiley Willis, Asked her to take a Breathalyzer test and she declined. Remember the key word here is ‘ASKED’. They are allowed to ask you anything they want, Which you do not have to answer because of your 5th Amendment.

So he took her in and he booked her. Upon her arrival, She asked for her one phone call, Which with the research I’ve done, The police legally don’t have to give you a phone call. He kept telling her no, But she didn’t let up, I mean she was drunk right? You’re not sure? She was arrested for suspicion? Oh okay.

So the officer started to get aggressive, All he was trying to do was read this crazy drunk woman her rights, He threw her around a bit, Playing the role of only bad cop. He then walks over to the camera recording them for accountability and shuts it off. Oh no! What happens if they lady freaked out and hurt the cop?! We will never know, Just like we will never know why, when the camera was turned back on, that Angelia was in a puddle of her own blood.

Wiley Willis, the sick cop that did this was fired, But no further actions were taken. No charges or anything. His defense? He was just following protocol. The officer claimed that, after the camera was off, She tried running away, and she tripped and fell. She had two black eyes, Cuts all over her head and a busted head to boot.

Now tell me if any of that was right? The same concept would go into say if I was playing basketball with some friends and you asked to join and I say, ‘No not this one but they next game.’ Well I said no to you, Are you going to beat me until there is blood spewing from a gaping hole in my head. No. What the cop did was wrong, How are these people protecting us when they beat us within an inch of our lives? Why should we be stolen from and force to pay these sickos pay checks? Well Elementary my dear Waston! It is what I like to call the American Dream. Remember your 5th amendment, Never say a word to a cop! It can only hurt you. Thanks for reading!

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