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Why Ambassador Stevens Was REALLY Killed, And Who REALLY Killed Him… Plus, Oh, SO MUCH MORE….


This story first broke on the BlogTalk Radio show Far Right, No Apologies.

This information comes to me from my friend Elly. Some of it, I knew, some of it I suspected, and some of it I never even imagined.

Elly has a couple friends, as she will explain, in “Highly sensitive positions” overseas. Forget anything the news media has told you in recent months, even about the closing of the bases this past week… NOTHING is what it seems. Remember, This all comes from a highly placed source that was there, in real time as many of these events played out. – Tom O’Halloran

For you to understand and prepare!!!!!. LISTEN TO ME!!!! READ ALL OF THIS!!! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! IT IS VERY REAL AND WE ARE ALL LIVING IT! In the wake of the Osama Bin Laden assassination, much has happened… all of it linked. This is just the beginning.

I have ‘contact(s)’ let’s say, who is in the middle east right now. No… he/she is not Pakistani or any other middle easterner. No.. she/he is not muslim… yes… she/he is American and yes fighting over there and yes… the name(s) shall remain anonymous. For the past 3 months we have been conversing and now we feel it is time for the US citizens to understand some things about what our Government is doing there… and here…from inside sources of those who are living it and of high ranking positions. All the quotation marks will be direct quotes from this person(s).

This person(s) works for a company called DynCorp Int’l, who according to sources is a “shell company for a US Intelligence agency”… try guessing which one or ones. At one point, “We (DynCorp Int’l) received 97% of our contracts from the US Government. Obama has cut us back 48%. He (is) staging is plan to stay in power past 2016.”

DynCorp is not military but a ‘contract’ company which performs in many functions of military. ‘Guns for hire’ maybe? They basically do the REALLY dirty work for our country. Look them up and you will see all kinds of fuzzy, brilliantly put together information that covers up the reality of their underlying mission. Remember… Satan always gives you a little bit of truth so you will focus on that and not the lies that are the foundation of his plan. When attempting to find the US Intelligence agency that DynCorp is a shell company for I met with confusion. They actually work/develop for the DIA, CIA, NSA, NGIA,NRO and USOC. Did you even realize we had so many Agency that basically all do the same thing? That’s our tax dollars being wasted! Ok.. back away from my personal opinion.

At this point you could shrug this off as just another military person(s) who is dissatisfied with Obama and has joined the bandwagon to ‘de-throne’ the wanna-be king. But read on. This person(s) have contacts throughout the world… He was a friend of Ambassador Chris Stevens. More on that shortly. When asked if there was inside information on Obama’s plan to stay in power the comment was “No. It’s just what I see… and hear…and know. It scares me Elly. I love my Country.” My response to that?


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