West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion – New Footage (Meteorite Strike?) (VIDEO)

meteor hits fertilizer plant

Joe Quinn asked recently: Was the West, Texas Explosion a Meteorite Impact?

More information has come to light that suggests exactly that, and, at the very least, strengthens the idea that a ‘missile’ strike of some kind caused the explosion.

We now have four different video angles of the fire at the fertilizer plant.

In the first three videos, we can see the explosion that happened afterwards. In the last video, we can’t see the explosion, but it gives us another vantage point of the site in flames:

Video from viewpoint #1:

Video from viewpoint #2:

Video from viewpoint #3:

Video from viewpoint #4:

In addition, we have a clearer still image of the fire, from about the same viewpoint of where the last video was recorded (#4)