Video Exposes Phoenix Cop: ‘I’ve Got One Tool, To Beat People And Take Them To Jail’

Video Exposes Phoenix Cop: ‘I’ve Got One Tool, To Beat People And Take Them To Jail’

A collection of videos featuring former Phoenix Police officer Richard Greco was released by Phoenix Police this week, showing Greco engaged in what authorities say was “unprofessional conduct.”

Greco, who lost his job earlier this year after a suspect’s mother complained about his verbal and physical abuse of her son in 2011, attempted to appeal the decision.

The department then decided to release a collection of videos from the original internal investigation against Greco that lead to his termination.

Greco claims the Phoenix police painted an “inaccurate picture” of him by only selecting certain videos. The six-minute video itself reveals shocking statements made by Greco during several encounters.

“I’m talking to you you piece of shit now get the fuck over here,” Greco says to one suspect as he appears to shove the man.

Other footage captures Greco talking about suspects to other officers, calling them “retarded” as well as calling one woman a “bitch” while in custody.

“I’ve got one tool and that tool is to beat people up and take them to jail,” Greco said repeatedly to one couple.

Another video shows Greco pulling over a black man and telling him that “he would be surprised if he had a license.”

A disciplinary action was take against Greco in 2008 after he was found to have made inappropriate comments about female officers as well.

“The comments Greco made were disturbing because they were not isolated to a group of high-stress incidents and he made the comments knowing his actions were being recorded,” said police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump.

Greco’s termination was upheld by a municipal appeals board last month.


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