The USS Zumwalt Deck Looks Like a Part of an Imperial Star Destroyer



This image is so unreal that it feels like a sci-fi illustration more than a photo. It looks like part of a spaceship—perhaps some structure from an Imperial Star Destroyer—instead of the 1,000-ton deckhouse of the new destroyer USS Zumwalt.

The fact is that the futuristic USS Zumwalt will actually look more like a spacecraft than a traditional destroyer (see the rendering below). First of a new class of ships for the US Navy, the 600-foot-long (182.9 meters) guided missile destroyer is being built in modules at Bath Iron Works’ Ultra Hall, in Bath, Maine.

It’s the last part of a puzzle that started in 2011. Back in April 2012, the second of the modulesrolled out of the Ultra Hall, a 4,500-ton block which was the largest ship module ever moved at their factory. As they manufactured new modules, workers were assembling the others at the dry dock.