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The Revolutionary Faith – The Illuminati and the Crown


“The Tea Party, I always say, is more like the American Revolution, and Occupy Wall Street is more the French Revolution.” -Rand Paul

There are two major strands of the revolutionary tradition (or what we might call revlutionism) when viewed from the perspective of association with secret societies. Both are inheritors of the Enlightenment and both were connected with the French and American Revolutions. There is the laissez-faire capitalist tradition we see exemplified in characters like Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and on the other end is the Jacobin tradition of ‘Illuminism’ from characters like Robespierre, Marat, Danton and the other radicals of France. This account is fairly well-known: in the lecture from Zbigniew Brzezinski I posted, he referenced this same dual trend in revolutionary thought. I don’t mean to oversimplify: I recognize there are a whole host of varying shades of so-called “rebels” of all flavors – women’s rights activists (feminists), anarcho-Marxists, anarcho-capitalists, etc. What I am proposing that many are not aware of is that there are deeper currents of occult and secret society-linked systems of thought that undergird the revolutionary faith.

Both of these revolutionary traditions draw energy from Freemasonry, which is commonly divided into British and Continental. The British strand that influenced much of the American tradition retained a notion of theism and some connection with monarchy and aristocracy. This explains why the Queen of England is the royal patron of Masonry, with the Duke of Kent and others having well-known masonic positions of power. Similarly in America, the masonic tradition has tended to be connected to the upper class of white males, generally excluding women (except for women’s associations) and having racialist views. One may inquire as to whether many of these people are actual practitioners of the craft, but regardless, the institution is thus very useful from a geo-political perspective.

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