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The Men Who Killed Kennedy “The Truth Will Make You Free” [VIDEO]

Uncensored, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, the Truth Will Make You Free, the episode that is most often censored is complete here and now. The lesson for all future Presidents, cave to the military-industrial coalition or else, why we have been fighting continually since the end of the second World War. Why Obama stated some Wars are necessary, if you were wondering who he was speaking to, it wasn’t to you and me, it was to them. It’s the reason we’re fighting in three wars NOW WITH NO MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE, ONLY MONEY FOR THE KILLING MACHINES.
A decorated Green Beret tells how he was asked to join an an elite assassination team, back in 1965, teams that were being taught the correct way to assassinate foreign leaders, the instructors (CIA), had the training facility set up with their most successful accomplishment, a recreated facsimile of DEALEY PLAZA, where they murdered JFK! There’s more….

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