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The Matrix Agent Rap

The Matrix Agent Rap


I wanna speak 9/11 truth

But I’m stuck here in a smelly telephone booth

Like some crazed matrix agent

Hell bent on causin’ destruction

So ya best get up an’ run

‘cause this matrix sure aint no fun


I’m brain washed controlled opposition

An’ am a gonna ruin ya vision

An’ transition into the light

So ya best not put up a fight now

‘cause I’m a gonna milk this cow

For what it’s worth

Even on your home turf, I’ll be fightin’ still

‘cause I swallowed the blue pill

I aint gonna lie about it

So don’t be havin’ a fit

Take that seat and sit

Rest your feet

‘cause you ‘bout to face defeat



I know you be thinkin’ I’m agent scum

And it aint no fun to swallow the blue pill

Just for a juicy piece of chewin’ gum

 But I did the sum and it’s best to swop hell for a full tummy tum tum

Than be inside a world with no sun


Yeah, this world is full of illusion

But I aint the one causin’ all da confusion

I’m a tryin’ to survive as best I can

An’ am a gonna soak me this sunlight ‘til I gets me a tan

And I aint no fan of yours

So ya best be closin’ ‘em doors

Or I’m a gonna get you

Even if you’re a Zionist Jew

‘ cause your Zion aint worth crap

I’m like acid rain ruinin’ your drain

Tip tap toe

I be running the show

So follow me an’ quit your stupid ass karate

It don’t scare me

I’m like Mohammed Ali stinging like a bee

Until you flee

You human virus pollutin’ the earth

I’m a gonna send you to Uranus

‘till your puss leaves

An’ up yours Keanu Reeves!


Go consult your cookie making oracle

Her vision is hazy and dull

She be playin’ you like a red cape ‘n bull

‘till I be comin’ around for the cull


Yeah, I’m The Matrix agent

Come to destroy you and your Zionistic crew

Flyin’ around like ya got the flu

Like you know who

Yeah, I’m two faced, count one – two

Causin’ order out a chaos

So you be a lot less when I get through

You’ll rue the day you were born

Yeah, your mamma sure is gonna mourn


Cause ya should’ve taken a hint

Swallowed the blue pill

For some juicy gum – spearmint!

‘cause evil is in this world for sure

An’ I’m a gonna get me a whole lot more!


I’m like Dr. Evil with many mini me

So ya best pack your bags and flee

Or swallow the blue bill and join me for tea


// ]]>

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