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UN to launch to Agenda 21 style summit under the guise of ‘for the good of the planet’

Because the world has lost their ability to critically think after decades of manipulation and programming, the elite know that all they have to do to manipulate the masses is by using emotional slogans and rhetoric to be able to pass whatever nefarious programs they desire.  Whether it was President Obama in his pre-election speech about stopping the rise of the oceans, to Al Gore's faux science of man-mad ...

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UN’s failure to issue Responsibility to Protect clause unmasks U.S. lies over chemical weapon attack in Syria

On Aug. 27, Vice President Joe Biden made a propaganda speech in Houston citing that there is undeniable proof that President Assad ordered and fired chemical weapons onto insurgents and civilians in the ongoing civil war to topple the government.  However, these allegations appear to be completely false, and with the Obama administration playing a card from former President George Bush's hand in which he d ...

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