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GET IT STRAIGHT: It’s Not About the Guns

As (hopefully) all of you reading this will know, the Second Amendment of the Constitution protects Americans' rights to have weapons (arms) to defend themselves against a tyrannical, out-of-control government. Please note that it does not GIVE Americans the right to have weapons. It protects that right, which is “inalienable”, meaning that the right is inherent in human beings by the fact of their existenc ...

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Insane SWAT Team Opens Fire On Unarmed Teen Girl

Members of a SWAT team opened fire on an unarmed teenage girl this week when police officers outside of Washington, DC attempted to serve an early morning search warrant. Myasia Hughley, 18, is recovering from flesh wounds following Thursday morning’s events in District Heights, Maryland. She was asleep in her bedroom at her family house when 15 FBI SWAT agents stormed the house with guns drawn. 
 “I’m shou ...

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The DHS And FBI Present: You Might Be A Terrorist If (Hotel Guest Edition)

As we seem to be told repeatedly, seeing something and saying something is perhaps the greatest duty an American citizen can perform in service to this country. It's simply not enough anymore to install an American flag in the front yard and purchase domestic vehicles. Now, every citizen should be keeping his eye out for (and on) his fellow citizens. The price of freedom may be eternal vigilance, but the pr ...

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Man Sentenced To 15 Years For 6 Pirated Discs

The Justice Department isn’t exactly winnings its war on intellectual property theft — the attorney general says so himself. Until then, though, that doesn’t mean they are going to start going soft. A Mississippi man was sentenced to 15 years behind bars and another three under supervised release this week after pleading guilty to selling five counterfeit DVDs and one bootleg music CD to an undercover agent ...

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Hypocrisy Of Slaughter – Israel Orwellian Lies About Gaza

Israel’s assault on Gaza raises doubts that it has any interest in finding the lasting peace settlement it proclaims to want. Does the campaign have an alternative objective as part of a strategy to engineer a strike on Iran? It’s probably the world’s most tragic never-ending story.For almost 65 years now, Israel has been bombing, maiming and humiliating the Palestinians, bulldozing their homes and placing ...

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Congressman Predicts Economic Riots In America

Stocks tumbled again on fears of the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff in the United States and a failure by eurozone finance ministers and the IMF to decide how Greece will resolve its sovereign debt and pay off the banksters at Société Générale, Deutsche Bank, Eurobank, and other loan sharking institutions.   
 "This morning the reasons du jour started out with Europe and the kerfuffle over Greece and then ...

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Israel Calls Up Reservists For Gaza Invasion

The IDF announces a widespread campaign on “terror targets” and begins bombing the Gaza Strip, preparing for a ground operation. This comes after the head of Hamas’ military wing Ahmed Jabari was killed in an Israeli airstrike. The operation, called “Pillar of Defense”, has been launched by the Israel military. Many of the buildings in downtown Gaza City are on fire after being attacked by Israeli warplanes ...

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Former Florida ICE Chief Gets Prison In Child Porn Case

A former top U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official in South Florida has been sentenced to 70 months in prison on a federal child pornography charge. Anthony Mangione faced a minimum of five years in prison after pleading guilty in July to using his home computer to receive and transmit images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. 
 Mangione ran ICE's South Florida operations from 2007 ...

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Prop 37 Not Yet Dead – Votes STILL Being Tallied

It might seem like old news that Proposition 37, the ballot measure calling for the labeling of genetically engineered foods, was defeated Nov. 6, with nearly 53 percent of California voters rejecting it. But is it over? Some groups, including Sustainable Fairfax andGood Earth, say not so fast, posting on Facebook that the outcome of the race could change after all the ballots are counted. The proposition h ...

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