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FBI now seeking DOJ approval to be able to to hack computers here and around the world

It is bad enough when the NSA has decided unlawfully to collect, monitor, and store any and all communications on both Americans and foreign entities alike.  Now the FBI wants to get into the game by seeking court approval through the Justice Department to be allowed to hack into any computer at any time, both here and abroad. The Justice Department is looking to remove restrictions on the FBI's ability to ...

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NSA spying fallout: Germany calls for limited interaction with U.S. tech companies

Just how big are the consequences becoming for America's draconian spy system over the world?  On July 11, Germany's Interior Ministry ordered public agencies to limit or disband their interaction and procurement's from U.S. technology companies in the wake of U.S. spying on the German government, their political leaders, and ultimately, the German people. These limitations include companies such as Microso ...

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Big Brother: New government database will hold all your financial information

Terrorism?  Immigration reform?  Remember how the Patriot Act and NDAA were to focus on enemies of the American people?  Well a new set of programs involving the FBI and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reveal the true purposes behind these, and other legislative debates and and subsequent laws, and where foreign entities are no longer the focal point for government surveillance, but rather, the ult ...

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NSA backlash: U.S. tech companies fear decline in sales in foreign markets due to spying

An immutable law in the world physics says, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This holds true as well in the invisible world of economics where even a small policy change in social, political, and even geo-political fabrics can have devastating effects for the future of markets and money. Which is why it is not surprising that the biggest backlashes coming out of the NSA spying prog ...

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NSA Blowback: Nations spied upon pursue plans to balkanize the internet

There is no getting around the fact that the U.S. has replaced the old Soviet Union as the Evil Empire in the eyes of many world leaders.  But unlike the events of 1989, when the Soviets allowed the wall separating East and West Berlin to be torn down, the end of America's iron grip over the world will not come voluntarily.  And due to the growing blowback by world leaders in the wake of the NSA's spying on ...

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NSA spied on Pope under guise that the Vatican was a ‘threat to the financial system’

In the world of fictional Big Brother, or a lessor form of sociopathic tyranny like the United States has become, spying on others becomes an obsession for those in power, much more than simply a justified means of ensuring security. Which is why it can no longer be considered shocking when new information reveals that the NSA's spying arm has infiltrated even the Vatican, and has used its measure of 'highe ...

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