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Ukrainian citizens want new ‘2nd Amendment’ as part of new government

As liberal and globalist ideologues in our government fight to remove the right of personal protections from the people of America, one group across the world is demanding their right to bear arms after decades of gun control and tyranny.  Members of a gun organization in Ukraine are placing new demands before Parliament and the expected new leadership to have the right to own and carry guns in the wake of ...

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Official in Massachusetts calls for home invasions by police on gun owners

Lawmakers in the state of Massachusetts have been leading the way in legislating 'justifiable' usurpations of the Constitution for many decades, and their attacks on the Bill of Rights have only increased since 9/11.  However, with the current wave of gun control programs sweeping Democratically controlled states along the East and West coast, one legislator is doubling down by calling for legalized home in ...

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