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US Military Suicide Rate Hits One Per Day

Suicide in the US military has sharply increased this year, hitting a rate of almost one death per day, figures show. As of 3 June, 2012 active-duty suicides reached 154, compared with 130 in the same period last year, the Pentagon confirmed to the BBC. The number far exceeds US combat deaths for the same period. "We are deeply concerned about suicide in the military," a Pentagon spokeswoman said, adding it ...

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Obama DOES Have Investments In Cayman Islands Trust

One of the many tense moments in the second presidential debate turned on a new topic in the race: President Barack Obama’s pension account. Here’s how it came up: Early in the face-off, Obama scoffed at Mitt Romney’s pledge to crack down on unfair trading practices by China, saying Romney is currently invested in companies "that are building surveillance equipment for China to spy on its own folks." Romney ...

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