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SHOCKED TO DEATH: ‘Speeding’ Driver Dies 3 Months After Being Tasered

A motorist who was Tasered and then allegedly beaten and injured by police officers during his arrest has died more than three months after the incident. Martin Baskeyfield, 44, was rushed to hospital three days after his arrest in September, and remained there until last Monday, when he died. 
 He was Tasered by a 50,000-volt gun, and was said by a friend to have been beaten by baton-carrying police office ...

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BROTHERLY LOVE: ACLU Sues Philly PD For Arresting Citizen Photogs

As we’ve seen in cases throughout the United States, the Philadelphia Police Department’s guidelines to officers stating that citizens have the right to record went pretty much ignored, leaving the ACLU no choice but to sue them. And considering Philly cops have committed so many violations against citizens who record them, the ACLU has enough plaintiffs to file a series of lawsuits, which is exactly what t ...

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DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO: Police Officers ‘Violating New Gun Law’ in New York

A troubling oversight has been found within New York State's sweeping new gun laws. The ban on having high-capacity magazines, as it's written, would also include law enforcement officers. 
 Magazines with more than seven rounds will be illegal under the new law when that part takes effect in March. As the statute is currently written, it does not exempt law enforcement officers. Nearly every law enforcemen ...

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DON’T TASE ME BRO!!! Metropolitan Police to roll out Taser Program, Increase from 800 to 6,500

The Metropolitan police is spending more than £800,000 a year on equipping response vehicles in London with Tasers, despite growing concern among human rights campaigners and some politicians over their use. A question to the mayor's office for policing and crime by Jenny Jones, assembly member for the Greens, reveals the budget for the weapons will be £817,864 a year during the first stage of the rollout, ...

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Nationwide Ammo Shortages – For Police!

Police departments nationwide are experiencing ammunition shortages, according to the online law enforcement resource, Sgt. Chris Forrester of the Greer Police Department in South Carolina told local TV-news channel WSPA-7: 
 "It's never easy to get ammo, but since the tragedy in Connecticut, it's become even more difficult." Forrester says the department began experiencing problems ordering a ...

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Future Shock: US Police Using ‘Crime-Prediction’ Software

It seems like a scene from the sci-fi thriller Minority Report, but police in three US cities are already using or testing new technology for predicting crimes before they happen – and taking preemptive, concrete steps to prevent them, US media reported. The crime prediction software, developed by Richard Berk, a criminology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, was designed for use by probation offi ...

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2 LA Cops Allegedly Forced Sex On Women

Two Los Angeles police officers are being investigated for allegedly coercing sex from women under threat of being jailed, court records show. The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday a search warrant it obtained states internal affairs investigators suspect officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols forced at least four women they had arrested previously or worked for them as informants to perform sex acts ...

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Caught on Tape: Utah Trooper BUSTED Making FAKE DUI Arrests

There was a time not so long ago when Lisa Steed’s stock as a corporal in the Utah Highway Patrol was soaring. Passionate about police work, with a wide smile and a notable number of driving-under-the-influence arrests to show for her diligence, Corporal Steed was named trooper of the year by her superiors in 2007, her career seemingly heading toward the inevitable promotions. In November, however, the once ...

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Signs We Are Living In A Bankster Police State

In August 2009, the corporate-organized FreedomWorks/Koch “Tea Party” group within the Republican Party bused its adherents to riots they organized against Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives who were trying to hold informational town hall events in order to discuss with constituents emerging healthcare legislation.   However, there was no FBI surveillance of those corporate-organized di ...

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