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Liberal Michigan judge halts Detroit Bankruptcy due to it dishonoring Obama

In what can only be deemed a ruling out of the bizzaro courts of the Twilight Zone, on July 19, Michigan Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina rejected bankruptcy filings from the city of Detroit, and stated in to the Assistant Attorney General that the bankruptcy was 'dishonoring President Obama' for his previous work in nationalizing General Motors. Finally the judge is a former aide to a Democratic stat ...

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President Obama feeds race war rhetoric by advocating he could have been Trayvon Martin

On July 19, President Obama made a surprise speech from the White House, and told the American people that 'he could have been Trayvon Martin' 35 years, stirring up more tensions in the growing race war being played out in the media and on the streets of America. During the White House's daily press briefing, usually conducted solely by press secretary Jay Carney, President Obama himself came to the podium ...

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Hundreds of peaceful protesters marched to the United States embassy in South Africa’s capital on Friday to protest against the visit of President Barack Obama. The protesters in Pretoria opposed U.S. policy in Afghanistan, drone warfare, the war in Iraq, human rights violations by the Obama administration, the war against whistleblowers, and more. One protester held a sign that read, “No, You Can’t Obama,” ...

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Obama on Snowden: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Scrambling Jets To Get A 29-Yr-Old Hacker’

    President Barack Obama stated on Thursday that he will not be scrambling military jets to capture Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower. Obama said he wouldn’t participate in “wheeling and dealing” to get Snowden extradited and returned to the United States. Obama also stated he has not spoken to the leaders of China and Russia about Snowden’s extradition. "I'm not g ...

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Wash. State Farmers File Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Uncontrolled GMO Wheat

Following the discovery of unapproved genetically modified wheat found in an Oregon field last week, two wheat growers from Washington state have filed suit against the agricultural giant Monsanto. After an Oregon wheat grower using Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" herbicide noticed areas within his crops resistant to the spray, he contacted the USDA who tested and determined the wheat to be an experimental herbi ...

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Former Mexican President Vincente Fox Calls For ‘Strategic Partnership’ On Marijuana

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox visited Seattle this Thursday to advocate for a "strategic partnership" between Mexico and states supporting marijuana legalization. Diego Pellicer Inc., a new company focused on marijuana issues founded by former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively, announced its new business plans to the support of the former Mexican president who advocated heavy government involvement to ...

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Facebook Censors Pictures Of Children Rallying Against GMOs During Global March Against Monsanto

(NaturalNews) In one of the most devastating acts of destruction of its own credibility, Facebook engaged in yet more censorship of Free Speech with the suspending of an account that posted a photo of children rallying against Monsanto during today's global March Against Monsanto. The picture shows two children of Natural News reader Andrea Lalama. They are carrying hand-drawn signs that read: "ORGANIC FOOD ...

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GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down In Senate

WASHINGTON -- The United States Senate decided again Thursday that it simply does not want to let states tell people whether or not they are eating genetically modified food. The Senate voted overwhelmingly -- 71 to 27 -- against an amendment to the sweeping farm bill, squashing a measure that would not have required labeling of genetically modified organisms, but merely would have let states decide if they ...

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Anti-NDAA Organization To Inform Sheriffs On Dangers Of Indefinite Detention

One of the nation's biggest anti-NDAA voices is hoping to inform sheriffs and other law enforcement officials of the dangers of indefinite detention this May 31. People Against The NDAA (PANDA) was formed shortly after President Obama's December 2011 signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 , which contains provisions allowing for the indefinite military detention of American c ...

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