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China tests a weakened America by setting a no-fly zone over disputed territories

Over the last year, China has maneuvered pawn after pawn against the United States, testing their will, might, and fortitude to stand fast as a global superpower.  On Nov. 24, China increased the tensions by moving an even bigger piece to the front of the board, by declaring a no-fly zone over several disputed islands in the East China Sea. Japan and US are outraged after Beijing has declared eight uninhabi ...

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Obama’s destruction of coal plants lead to 42% increase in electricity prices

When President Obama engaged in his crusade to destroy the coal industry in America, he ignorantly, or knowingly, set in motion a course for price hikes in electricity, especially in areas like the East Coast.  In 2012, coal producing plants equated for 44% of the nation's electricity production, and ironically, after President Obama closed down 175 coal plants since 2012, this year's costs for electricity ...

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Obama administration increases national debt by over $1 trillion in less than a month

There was a reason why Congress established a debt ceiling limit during World War I, and it was primarily due to the possibility that greedy politicians would one day use the power of debt to bankrupt the country in pursuit of their agendas. So when Congress chose to remove the debt ceiling in a temporary measure after 16 days of a government shutdown, the fears of the original legislators have now come to ...

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Criminal complaint filed against President Obama for crimes against humanity

On Nov. 8, lawyers representing the Egyptian people filed a criminal complaint against President Barack Obama, along with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, for crimes against humanity in an international court.  This criminal complaint stems from Obama's financial and military support of rebel forces before and after the Arab Spring revolution, that saw the ouster of then President Hosni Mubarak, and the d ...

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