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On Aug. 13, the state of New York's Regulatory office issued subpoenas to every major Bitcoin operator just days after a Federal judge declared that the digital currency was in fact, real money.  In a statement today from NYSDFS's superintendent Benjamin Lawsky, the regulator confirmed that the government no longer recognizes Bitcoin as a parallel to a barter currency, and that it must now follow national a ...

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  The rent may be too high, but New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner isn’t too freaky for political activist Jimmy McMillan. McMillian, best known for his trademark phrase “the rent is too damn high,” on Thursday endorsed Weiner in the New York City Democratic primary. “We are all freaky,” McMillan told Politicker. “He just exposed his freaky-ism the wrong way.” McMillan is a perennial candid ...

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  A tipoff from a computer company that was suspicious of a former employee's web searches led to a visit to his family's home by officers from a joint terrorism task force, police have confirmed. The company, based in the Bay Shore area of Long Island, in New Yorkstate, said the man had used a work computer to search for pressure cooker bombs and backpacks. On Thursday, the man's wife, Michele Catalan ...

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MOB RULES: Teens Flash Mobs Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins

Violent, thieving mobs have been making headlines across the country for the past few years, and now they have hit New York City. And Maurice Dubois reported in this CBS 2 investigation, the teen mobs have left neighborhoods worried as businesses take matters into their own hands. Judson Bennett, 78, recently ran into a violent group of teens – often described with the once-benign term “flash mob” – as he m ...

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NO POWER: NY Politicians Fail To Intimidate Students

Students who organize Palestine Solidarity events on US campuses have come to expect pro-Israel groups to bully and threaten the university administration in an effort to cancel their student activities, whether they are educational workshops or poetry readings. But pro-Israel advocates crossed a line this month when they pressured Brooklyn College to cancel an event co-sponsored by Students for Justice in ...

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CONFRONTATION: NY Gun Owners Confront Weasle-Wording Prosecutor [VIDEO]

Residents of Erie County, New York overflow the State's dictating / Q & A forum concerning the unconstitutional NY Safe Act arms bill. The passion and anger from the people is evident of Erie County resistance. After the first speaker spoke, the second one was introduced. A request from an audience member to recite the Pledge of Allegiance was ignored by the State. So the people took over and assertivel ...

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SHRINKAGE: New York City Unveils Micro-Apartments

New York City might be known as “The Big Apple,” but when it comes to the size of apartments, the city is looking to go small, really small. To better accommodate its growing number of single residents, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday plans to build the city’s smallest apartments, some of them as tiny as 250 square feet (23 square meters). 
 “The growth rate for one and two-person ho ...

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FROM MY COLD DEAD CPU: NY Rep Wants To Ban 3D Printing Of Guns [VIDEOS]

Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) is to introduce bill that will ban people from creating guns and magazines with 3D printers after a video demonstration of a working prototype by Defense Distributed surfaced. After his staff stumbled on the footage, Israel decided he would renew the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 and then add a ban on the manufacturing, ownership, or transport of both 3D printed firear ...

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