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Student loan default rates exceed ‘fake data’ numbers published by Obama administration

If there was one thing that Donald Trump could do to both protect his Presidency's economic future, and crush Barack Obama's false legacy, it would be to go back and redo every single economic data point that has been manipulated to fulfill the false narrative of an economic recovery.  From fake unemployment and GDP numbers, to the actual values of core and price inflation... coming out early and announcing ...

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Global economic strategist sees recession in U.S. as consumers finally capitulate

Just as a New York Times columnist attempted to spew propaganda last week by blaming the 'dumbing down' of the American people for the reason behind the lack of trust in their newspaper and mainstream media as a whole, those in the business media quite often do the same by vilifying economists and analysts who do not toe the line in saying that the economy is good, or that the Fed is all-knowing and all-pow ...

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Only 27 percent of Americans trust banks and the media, and nearly all institutions rank in bottom 30 percent

A new Gallup poll out on June 14 shows that very few Americans have any faith in their core institutions, with banks and the media registering near the bottom of the people's trust. In the decade since the start of the housing crisis and subsequent bank bailouts, trust in America's financial system has fallen from 49% in 2006, down to just 27% in 2016.  And other institutions like the media have dropped to ...

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