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Syria appeals to U.N. after Israel bombs their nation to support terror groups

Something has ideologically changed in the state of Israel, and it appears more and more each day that the Jewish State is becoming the same type of rogue nation they publicly decry other nations of being.  And like their refusing to sign on with the global non-nuclear proliferation treaty that even Iran is a signatory of, this last weekend's unprovoked bombing attack in Syria makes Israel no better than He ...

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Two more European countries vote to support or recognize Palestinian State

Over the past two days, the nations of France and Belgium held legislative talks and votes regarding the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state despite the desires of the current overseer of the land, Israel.  On Dec. 2, lawmakers within France's Parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestine, although this gesture is only symbolic without Presidential approval.  And in Dec. 3, four political ...

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Israel finance minister proposes buying off Arabs after creation of ‘Jewish State’

The Israeli government has now gone into full serious mode after voting to make Israel a purely 'Jewish State' as a suggestion made on Nov. 28 by Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman proposes that the government pay off Arab's currently living in the land to extort them into giving up their citizenship. Minister Lieberman's proposal follows new edicts passed down from the Israeli government earlier this month ...

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New banker suicide brings total of mysterious deaths to 16

On Oct. 23, a partner of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was found dead after apparently committing suicide in Tel Aviv.  Thierry Leyne, a 48 year old French-Israeli banker and managing partner in the investment firm Leyne, Strauss-Kahn & Partners, is believed to have jumped from the 23rd floor of Yoo Towers, which is a prestigious residential area in the capital of Israel. Thierry Leyne, the Fr ...

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Pope Francis and Israel discuss creation of a global body over religions

Last week, Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke together on global events and the religious ties that keep war brewing between ideological doctrines.  During their 45 minute discussion, Peres suggested that the world's religious leaders create a United Nations of Religions as a means to bring all religious debates under one umbrella, and attempt to end wars that are created out of religious foundations. Thi ...

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Israeli media shows transcript of Obama commanding Israel to surrender to peace

On July 29, a local Israeli television station (Channel 1), received a transcript of a phone conversation between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where the U.S. Commander in Chief all but ordered Israel to surrender its position in the Gaza conflict, and demand the sovereign nation accede to the will of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. And the most ironic thing about thi ...

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