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Federal Court overturns government’s attempt to use mental illness as gun control

In a court case that should have been more common sense than jurisprudence, a Federal Court on Dec. 23 issued a ruling whereby a government statute disallowing citizens who have been institutionalized because of a mental disorder to not be allowed to own a firearm is not grounds for a lifetime ban of their 2nd Amendment rights.  In a case that was first dismissed, then sent back for further review by an app ...

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Ammunition now plentiful one year after mass shortages

About a year ago, ammunition shortages were causing fear and panic in the gun community, especially after news came out of the Department of Homeland Security's purchase of over one billion rounds for government use.  Additionally, the continuous message being made to honest Americans by politicians like President Obama, former NYC Governor Michael Bloomberg, and a host of others that new gun laws and restr ...

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Official in Massachusetts calls for home invasions by police on gun owners

Lawmakers in the state of Massachusetts have been leading the way in legislating 'justifiable' usurpations of the Constitution for many decades, and their attacks on the Bill of Rights have only increased since 9/11.  However, with the current wave of gun control programs sweeping Democratically controlled states along the East and West coast, one legislator is doubling down by calling for legalized home in ...

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