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Netanyahu And Hamas Are On The Same Side

We’ve all known them: couples who seem to do nothing except fight but can’t live without each other. Their surface dysfunction hides a deeper codependence, and conflict fulfils some essential common need. Without each other they’d be lost, violence and all. Keep this in mind as fighting in Gaza continues over the coming hours and days. The loathing between Israel’s governing Likud Party and Hamas in Gaza is ...

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Thousands Protest Outside Israeli Embassy In London

Cecile, a Dublin resident, explained to Ynet that she is protesting because Palestine is very small and cramped in comparison to Israel and the US. She expressed her bewilderment at how Israel can fire at a people who, according to her, are barely surviving. Judy, a Jewish woman from Belfast, said that during a visit to Israel she was exposed to what she referred to as the vast differences in the living con ...

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