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Negative effect of new Republican Congress: Increase of NSA spying powers on Americans

One thing that most Americans need to remember in the aftermath of the Republican victory in last month's elections is that the formerly conservative political party is today made up of neo-conservative war hawks that see protection of the oligarchy as the primary function of their roles in government. Which makes it not too surprising when during the same week that Congress passed legislation allowing for ...

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British PM Cameron ready to accept fascism as he tries to rush through TPP treaty

Fascism.  At its root core it describes the merging of corporations with the state.  In America, many facets of the government and society are already integrated into this political ideology.  All one has to do is look at whom the President invited to the White House on the second day of last year's government shutdown to know that bankers run the Presidency, and your elected officials are simply figurehead ...

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Inventor giving middle finger to Feds as sales for gun making 3-D printer skyrocket

One of the inherent consequences of Fascism is that not only does a government promote and protect corporations over small businesses, but by limiting the number of companies able to create a particular product of service, they can regulate and restrict both how much is manufactured, and who can get, a particular item. But with the advent of 3-D printing and the ingenuity of inventors and entrepreneurs, wha ...

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America and the West are in the late stages of a fascist takeover

On Feb. 19, famed economist and statistician Jim Willie provided a chronological blueprint on how the Federal Reserve, primarily through Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and later, his predecessor Ben Bernanke, used monetary policy to shift power away from a Constitutional government and into the hands of banks and corporations. These policies, which began after the 1987 stock market crash and ending with the cu ...

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