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September time frame for disaster escalates as UN plans vote for Palestinian state

We have already seen the data that shows this coming September being a severe time of turmoil and potential disaster in the economic and prophetic arenas, but a coming event scheduled for the fall may well escalate the world into something far greater.  The United Nations (UN) has set on its calendar a vote by the Security Council to decide once and for all on the formation of a Palestinian State, which may ...

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Americans repatriating and renouncing citizenship continues at record levels in 2015

In 2014, a record number of Americans renounced their citizenship with an even greater number repatriating to live outside the United States.  And this number is not slowing down as through the first quarter of 2015, a record 1335 Americans have discharged their allegiance to the U.S., which at current levels, would make 2015 an even greater year than last by more than 50%. A record number of Americans gave ...

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Is Japan’s economy now to the point that they are preparing for war?

On Jan. 14, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved a new military budget that is the largest since the end of World War II when the nation was de-armed by the U.S. according to the treaty ending the war, and provisions from their new Constitution.  And with military expenditures expected to be around $42 billion, or 5 trillion yen, observers must ask the question of whether Japan is seeing the writing on the wa ...

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Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia as broke government seeks funds from new ‘War Tax’

A little more than a week ago, the Prime Minister and ruling political coalition broke down, leaving a leadership vacuum in Ukraine's new fledgling government.  However, the political upheavals appear to be of minor consequence in light of their economic and budgetary problems which have left soldiers on the front lines without guns and ammunition, and leading over 400 fighters to surrender and flee to Russ ...

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U.S. accuses Russian rebels of taking down aircraft despite no proof

While the wild and confusing news reports coming out from both sides after the firing upon, and subsequent crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane have been politically motivated at best, the real question that has to be asked to get to the underlying truth of this horrific tragedy is... Who benefits the most from the take down of an innocent civilian airliner over a war torn country? To answer this question we ...

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China tests a weakened America by setting a no-fly zone over disputed territories

Over the last year, China has maneuvered pawn after pawn against the United States, testing their will, might, and fortitude to stand fast as a global superpower.  On Nov. 24, China increased the tensions by moving an even bigger piece to the front of the board, by declaring a no-fly zone over several disputed islands in the East China Sea. Japan and US are outraged after Beijing has declared eight uninhabi ...

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