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Harsh CIA Interrogation Methods Ineffective

  A US Senate committee has approved a long-awaited voluminous report that concludes harsh interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) failed to obtain major intelligence achievements, officials say. The 6,000-page report on CIA's severe interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, was approved by the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday after a closed-door vote, T ...

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CIA ‘Tortured, Sodomized’ Terror Suspect

  CIA agents tortured a German citizen, sodomising, shackling, and beating him, as Macedonian state police looked on, the European court of human rights said in a historic judgment released on Thursday. In a unanimous ruling, it also found Macedonia guilty of torturing, abusing, and secretly imprisoning Khaled el-Masri, a German of Lebanese origin allegedly linked to terrorist organisations. 
 Masri wa ...

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Totally Misleading Intelligence Of CIA

Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights in Salzburg found the CIA fully complicit in the kidnapping and torture of Khaled el-Masri, a German citizen now proven to have never had any ties whatsoever with a terror organization. The CIA and Macedonian government were found guilty of kidnapping, torturing and sodomizing an innocent German citizen based purely on his ethnicity alone. This is the first time ...

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US Unprecedented Surveillance On Innocent Citizens

  A recent review of a relatively unknown program run by the National Counterterrorism Center shows innocent people can be investigated and their data can be kept for years.   Through Freedom of Information Act requests and interviews with officials at numerous agencies, The Wall Street Journal has reconstructed the clash over the counterterrorism program within the administration of President Bar ...

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Western Smoke And Mirrors Terrorism

  Barack Obama, America’s Conjurer-in-Chief, is trying to entertain the world with a new smoke-and-mirrors trick, with the announcement that his government is recognizing the Syrian National Coalition as “the sole representative of the Syrian people”. The chemical weapons trick seems to have fizzled like a damp squib. So, now it’s time for another illusion - the “worthy Syrian opposition”. This motley ...

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12 Ways We’re Watched & Monitored To Oblivion

  The latest announcement of recording capabilities being installed in American buses via their already invasive CCTV cameras has me hopping mad. It’s just sick. Yet the most astounding thing is the vast majority will swallow it as a needed feature to help fight terrorism. After all, they have nothing to hide. They’re not doing diddly squat to stand up to anything, and have no intention to. “Obey..Obey ...

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US Top Secret Space Plane Launched Into Orbit

  The military’s small, top-secret version of the space shuttle rocketed into orbit Tuesday for a repeat mystery mission, two years after making the first flight of its kind. The space plane, dubbed the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, was launched into orbit hidden atop an Atlas V rocket Tuesday for a classified Air Force mission that could last more than nine months. This is the third time the Air Force w ...

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11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See

  Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security. Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons.  The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an opportunity to use national security as an excuse to suppress documents and ...

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US Air Force Developing Stealth Drones In Secret

  The U.S. Air Force is on track to expand its multi-million dollar drone fleet with evidence emerging that new stealth drones are under development by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman on classified funds. Bill Sweetman of the Aviation Week & Space Technology has gathered evidence of new stealth Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that would potentially be armed. This new generation of drones, if s ...

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