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Legacy of Afghan war: CIA funded Al Qaeda through corrupt Afghani leaders

When former President George W. Bush named Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden the number one threat to the United States, the policy of his administration was one of, 'We don't negotiate with terrorists'.  However, this now appears to have been little more than a subterfuge as a new report unveiled in the New York Times shows that while U.S. administrations may not have directly funded Al Qaeda from the coffers o ...

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Losing the battle over truth and information, U.S. State Dept. asks for more propaganda money

It is a hilarious dichotomy that a news outlet from the Russian Federation is being seen as much more truthful than broadcast outlets in the West, especially in light of the Brian Williams scandal that saw the most popular nightly news anchor be suspended for outright lying.  But even as network and cable news stations in the U.S. and EU continue to lose viewership to rising foreign stations like Russia Tod ...

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Producer Oliver Stone to film next documentary on CIA led coup in Ukraine

Film and documentary producer Oliver Stone is one of the most widely respected and acclaimed movie creators who's legacy is about not being afraid to delve into historical topics that are both controversial and conspiratorial.  From his epic works on the J.F.K. assassination, Wall Street, and his academy award winning war film, Platoon, Oliver Stone has proven himself unfazed in seeking truth on subjects bo ...

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U.S. and Canada vote against an anti-Nazi resolution that passes at the U.N.

During a committee meeting on Nov. 22 at the United Nations, a resolution introduced by Russia to condemn the glorification of anything to do with the Nazi party, and of anyone denying Nazi war crimes including the holocaust was passed by a majority vote of member states.  However, there were three interesting nations that voted against such a resolution, with two of them being quite shocking to citizens in ...

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CIA agent involved in Watergate was also instrumental in bringing Animal Farm to life

It was 60 years ago this week that one of George Orwell's best works on Communism and totalitarianism was brought to the Silver Screen, and opened up to children the world over in an animated format.  However, very few know or realize that one of the most instrumental agencies involved in producing this film was none other than the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The film version of Animal Farm was releas ...

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NSA spying fallout: Germany calls for limited interaction with U.S. tech companies

Just how big are the consequences becoming for America's draconian spy system over the world?  On July 11, Germany's Interior Ministry ordered public agencies to limit or disband their interaction and procurement's from U.S. technology companies in the wake of U.S. spying on the German government, their political leaders, and ultimately, the German people. These limitations include companies such as Microso ...

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