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Global financial powers preparing for a ‘de-Americanized’ world

In the latest trend forecast from the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (G.E.A.B.), analysts are anticipating the final maneuvers by both the U.S., and the financial powers that oppose them, in preparing for the final stages of a 'de-Americanized' world.  This statement points to the fact that economic powers no longer believe they can work with the U.S. to forge a positive outcome to the world's debt cri ...

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Saudi Arabia moving away from alliance with U.S. as Obama won’t send troops to Syria as mercenaries

The war going on in Syria is not only complex, but has the potential to escalate into a full scale world war due to its strategic necessity to both Russia and Iran.  And it is the triangle of alliances between Europe, the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and their policies towards Syria and Iran, that threaten to break down long standing coalitions that have centered around the region for more than 60 years. ...

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China’s takeover of America continues as they purchase JP Morgan HQ and gold vault

It is appearing more than more that the transfer of economic power from the United States to China is coming swifter than anyone suspected.  In a stunning move on Oct. 18, a Chinese conglomerate purchased the Headquarters of Chase Manhattan bank (JP Morgan Chase), and its underground structures that include the world's largest bank vault. China's largest private-owned conglomerate which invests in commoditi ...

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Head of ECB throws dollar under the bus as Draghi supports gold accumulation

Current Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke famously told former Congressman Ron Paul once that 'gold is not money' during one of the periodic meetings between Congress and the central bank.  That belief by the Fed Chairman is one of the primary reasons why gold paper prices are continuously crushed by central bank shareholders such as JP Morgan, and why most Western central banks lease their physical gol ...

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Senator Schumer stands for his corporate masters over his constituents as shutdown continues

Being a politician in the state of New York means that besides holding an office that represents millions of citizens, it also means that you represent the corporations that make up the greatest financial center in the world.  However for Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, his primary benefactors are more often than not, the corporate masters who ensure his elections each year, as seen by his statement today ...

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Central bank desperation: India seeks to buy gold from their citizens with depreciating currency

The most precious commodity to India's population of over 1 billion people is, and always has been, physical gold.  Their consumption of the yellow metal has been so great over the past couple of years that in fact, the countries government implemented import quotas on it just a few months ago in an attempt to slow down purchases. However, due to a lack of foresight and bad monetary decisions made by India' ...

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Saudi Arabia is the linchpin in the Syrian conflict which could bring down entire global economy

With the United States and NATO countries geared up for war with Syria over spurious claims of chemical weapon use, the one country not being mentioned as a target of reprisal is Saudi Arabia.  And according to analyst Steve Quayle on the Aug. 26 Hagmann and Hagmann Report, should coalition forces attack the Assad government with any strength, the primary target of reprisal by Iranian, Syrian, and Russian c ...

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As the West continues to print money, Russia quietly became the largest economy in Europe

Real economics is not about debt and money printing, but about tangible resources, production, and growth.  And while the West continues to rely up central bank easing to keep their financial systems from collapsing, Russia has quietly moved into the 5th spot in global GDP, and became the largest economy in Europe, even surpassing Germany. Chart courtesy of Forbes According to data from the World Bank, Russ ...

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Interest rates beginning to rise as China and Japan dump Treasuries

From the beginning of May through to the end of June, interest rates soared 100 basis points to their highest level in two years.  The catalyst for this appears to be coming from Asia, as China and Japan sold off $40 billion worth of their reserves at the exact same time interest rates shot up. In fact, on Aug. 15, the 10-year Treasury bond yield rose to over 2.75, which is the highest it has been in two ye ...

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