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If it wasn’t for America’s vassal state Japan, only the Fed would be buying U.S. debt

When China and Russia stopped buying U.S. debt and began dumping it through the offshore exchange known as Euroclear, the Fed needed someone else to step in to mitigate a complete monetization of their money printing activity.  So Washington called upon their only remaining vassal state capable of sucking new Treasury sales and conned Japan into replacing their pension funds with T-Bills. Japan now official ...

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Chinese still buying U.S. companies at record levels despite ‘recovery’

Both the media and Wall Street continue to preach the mantra of an economic recovery despite data that shows the U.S. has never truly gotten out of the Great Recession.  And if you remove the artificially stimulated equity markets built over time from tens of trillions of dollars of QE, the actual strength of corporate America is incredibly fragile and prime targets for takeover and acquisition. And of cour ...

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U.S. may have strongest currency, but China expected to have best economy in 2015

The talking heads continue report that the U.S. economy has recovered, and is the 'strongest' in the world right now.  But with housing starts lower, manufacturing and inventories down, and the shutting down of oil production biting into revenues and GDP, this propaganda is only being used to help keep the stock markets propped up and keep investors from moving their money into foreign markets. Yet perhaps ...

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As China prepares to open new SWIFT, EU countries flock to World Bank alternative

A little over a week ago, China leaked news that their alternative SWIFT system would most likely be online and fully functional near the end of the third quarter of 2015.  And now that the potential of a new global reserve currency comes within reach to supplant the dollar, European Union nations are suddenly flocking to another alternative, the AIIB, which is a direct competitor to the World Bank and curr ...

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In desperate move, SWIFT adds Russia to its board as a voting member

Two days after China announced they were within months of implementing their own version of SWIFT to compete and perhaps overtake the U.S. dollar as the globally recognized reserve currency, the West does a U-Turn and has accepted Russia as a voting member of their financial messaging and interchange system.  This move on March 11 comes just months after the U.S. threatened the Eurasian oil giant with being ...

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Even Americans no longer see themselves as the global economic superpower

In a new Gallup Poll out on March 2, only 17% of Americans believe that the U.S. is the world's number one economy that reigns globally as the primary economy superpower.  In fact, 80% of those polled believe the U.S. is just one of many economic powerhouses, validating that that integrated global system is now a daily reality in the American psyche. While half of Americans say it is important for the U.S. ...

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Global use of the Yuan as a trade currency continues to increase

Heading into March of 2015, the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) continues to grow against the dollar in use as the second largest currency in global trade .  Measured in relation to documentary credit transactions or 'letters of credit', the currency is now being used in over 9% of all global transactions. Use of the Chinese Yuan as a major trade currency has increased tremendously over the past two years as dozens ...

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China responds to U.S. surveillance by putting Apple and Cisco on a ‘No buy list’

In a war against a fascist state, the best way to asymmetrically attack your opponent is through their wallets.  And since the U.S. government is now completely intertwined with banking and corporate hegemonies that not only write legislation (Obamacare), but provide guidance on such things as the Debt Ceiling, the Chinese are going for the bottom lines of companies to send a message on how they feel about ...

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Chinese rating agency predicts coming economic crisis worse than 2008

Few people realize that the Western financial banking system was just days away from complete and utter collapse back in 2008, but six years later, even fewer people understand that what was done during the bailouts and subsequent Quantitative Easing has made the coming day of reckoning much much worse. And in light of these events one institution from the Far East appears to be willing to call a spade a sp ...

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New Zealand signs on to join Chinese World Bank alternative

On Jan. 5, New Zealand became the 24th nation to sign on and join as a founding member the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which will act as an alternative to the Western run World Bank. The AIIB is a brain child of the new Chinese expansion in Asia, and will act in a duplicate function to to the IMF and World Bank, but without the forced austerity and political measures demanded from the Wester ...

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The day of the alternative monetary system has arrived courtesy of China

Beginning on Dec. 29, China will expand its direct currency swap lines to three more nations and also increase their bi-lateral currency trade with Russia as the Far East economy implements a growing alternative monetary platform that will involve 11 nations by the end of year. As China has become the world's largest economy, bypassing the United States earlier in 2014, the Asian power is also choosing to m ...

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Now the world’s largest economy, China has its sights set on being largest banker

According to the IMF, China surpassed the United States as the world's largest economy earlier this year.  However, the fact of the matter is that China has outpaced American output for quite a few years now, and the only reason that the U.S. remains in the upper tier of economic powers is due to their debt based economy that counts consumer and government spending as close to 80% of their annual GDP. But e ...

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