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Bernanke Set To Unveil Number Larger Than “Eternity”

It was just over a month ago that the Chairsatan formalized the incorrect named QE 3, aka the open-ended QEternity, whose purpose, for now, was to increase the Fed's balance sheet by $40 billion/month in new MBS purchases. Well, according to MarketWatch, whose previously unheard of Greg Robb is seemingly vying for the role of Jon Hilsenrath, Ben Shalom is preparing to unveil a number bigger than eternity: " ...

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World Bank Luminary: Breed Smaller People To Increase “Metabolic Efficiency”

In an article titled The Populations Problem written two days ago byHerman Daly, a former World Bank luminary and current professor at the University of Maryland suggests genetically designing smaller human beings to counter global population growth. Breeding smaller human beings, Daly asserts, “could be the simplest way of increasing metabolic efficiency (measured as number of people maintained by a given ...

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Big Bonuses At Goldman Sachs For 2012

Goldman Sachs bankers are on course to scoop average payouts of £280,000 this year, after receiving a 15 per cent pay rise. The investment banking giant was yesterday accused of showing a 'complete lack of sensitivity’ by campaigners.   Figures released tomorrow are expected to show the average wage in Britain is just 1.6 per cent higher than a year ago. The bumper pay rise at Goldman Sachs means it would n ...

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FBI Wants You To Believe There Is A Global Jihad Against (Private) Federal Reserve

Totalitarian governments operate very predictably and foolishly. Their propaganda is so over-the-top absurd that even the most gullible and uneducated members of their permanently indoctrinated populations start becoming more and more skeptical of official government accounts of reality. The Fascist Bureau of Intimidation, the institution that was responsible for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. ...

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INSIDE JOB: Feds Arrest Second Patsy in Federal Reserve Bombing Case [VIDEO]

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, the deluded al-Qaeda wanna-be who supposedly plotted to bomb the Federal Reserve, had an accomplice, according to the feds. The government says Howard Willie Carter II, aka Yaqueen, is a child porno pervert who collaborated with Nafis. The dysfunctional duo allegedly communicated with each other over the internet. Nafis lives in New York and Carter in San Diego. Both men ...

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Ben Stein: More Taxes Needed to Pay Down Bankster Debt [VIDEO]

  The “economist” Ben Stein wants to pull a François Hollande and drive the producers out of America the same way the socialists are driving them out of France. Stein says the government has to raise taxes in order to pay off the national debt we are told we owe or we will suffer the fate of Greece or Argentina in the late 1990s. Ben says the government should start with “very, very rich people,” who h ...

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