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Al Qaeda terrorist implicates new Saudi King as once planning to bring down Air Force One

On Feb. 3, bombshell testimony emerged from a former Al Qaeda terrorist that validated what many conspiracy theorists already believed... that Saudi Arabia funded and was intricately involved in terrorist planning and activities against the United States. In a testimonial provided from his maximum security prison, Zacarias Moussaoui specified that not only have several Saudi princes funded and aided terror ...

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Russian defense minister accuses U.S. of initiating majority of global conflicts

On Nov. 27, Russia’s deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov was addressing Southeast Asian military partners in Sri Lanka when he outlined and accused the U.S. of being the prime instigator of most of the global conflicts that have exploded onto the scene throughout the world in recent times.  During his address, Minister Antonov pointed out that it is not just conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that are di ...

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American hypocrisy: Weapons from Benghazi could have gone to Boko Harum

Last week, celebrities from all across the U.S. and including the First Lady Michele Obama, played the selfie game by tweeting pictures of themselves holding placards with the hashtag, 'Save our girls'.  This public relations effort was meant to place guilt on a radical Muslim organization known as Boco Harum in an attempt to get them to free hundreds of Nigerian women they had kidnapped with the intention ...

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Russian Minister calls President Obama a Bush clone after pushing U.S. into war with Syria

For both Senator Obama, and the liberal contingent who castigated former President George Bush over our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is an interesting turn of events five years later when now President Obama has hypocritically ordered attacks into more countries than the man he spoke out against for such actions in while in Congress.  And the current President is now doing so with a zeal not seen since ...

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  Yemen says it has foiled a major al-Qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines and seize two of the country's main ports. Government spokesman Rajeh Badi said the plans included taking control of the al-Dhaba oil terminal and killing or kidnapping foreign workers. The authorities have introduced security measures to protect government buildings and other key targets. Hundreds of armoured vehicles have been ...

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