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The DHS And FBI Present: You Might Be A Terrorist If (Hotel Guest Edition)

As we seem to be told repeatedly, seeing something and saying something is perhaps the greatest duty an American citizen can perform in service to this country. It's simply not enough anymore to install an American flag in the front yard and purchase domestic vehicles. Now, every citizen should be keeping his eye out for (and on) his fellow citizens. The price of freedom may be eternal vigilance, but the pr ...

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32 Questions That All Americans Must Answer

Ron Paul, in his historic farewell speech to Congress this week, asked 32 thought-provoking questions addressed to his fellow Americans. 
 It's very clear upon examination of these questions that something is very wrong with our government.  Below are his questions: Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison? Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk? Why can’t Ameri ...

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FBI Handling Of David Petraeus Case ‘Inexcusable’

America's top law-enforcement agency found itself under intense scrutiny as it was alleged that one if its field agents had become obsessed with Jill Kelley, the 37-year-old party organiser from Florida who was bombarded with threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, Mr Petraeus's mistress. On Wednesday members of the House intelligence committee are expected to grill Sean Joyce, the FBI's deputy director, a ...

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White House Source Says Obama Watched Benghazi LIVE On TV

Retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said Saturday he has sources saying President Barack Obama was in the room at the White House watching the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya unfold. Two unarmed U.S. drones were dispatched to the consulate and recorded the final hours of the attack, which killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. 
 “This was in the middle ...

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“Dancing Israelis” Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case

Remember the Israelis who were arrested by New Jersey Police on 9/11/01 as the attacks occurred? They were arrested, interrogated, held for 71 days and eventually all sent back to Israel under suspicous circumstances. Many researchers have documented this as evidence of Israeli complicity in the attacks. But did you know that the Israelis later sued numerous government employees for civil rights violations? ...

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Big Week For Justice Department Vigilantes

Call it three-bagger injustice. Three "bad guys" in one week include one wrongfully arrested, another forced to plead guilty though innocent, and a third convicted without having committed a crime. In America, criminal justice works that way more times than not. It's especially true when targeting Washington's enemy of choice. When Department of Justice (DOJ) vigilantes choose victims, innocence is no defen ...

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Illuminati Assassins

Illuminati mass mind control is predicated on a numbing steady delivery of 6th-grade level non-news to the masses, combined with the occasional 911/Kennedy Assassination fear-inducing shock, designed to cement obedience and allegiance to their resource monopoly.  The elite must constantly manufacture fake bad guys to divert criticism from their hegemonic global banking cartel.  Not coincidentally, the bad g ...

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Fascism Anyone? 14 Signs We’re Already There

Free Inquiry readers may pause to read the “Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles” on the inside cover of the magazine. To a secular humanist, these principles seem so logical, so right, so crucial. Yet, there is one archetypal political philosophy that is anathema to almost all of these principles. It is fascism. And fascism’s principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerad ...

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Proof Obama Knew 2 Hours After The Hit On Benghazi

I share the frustration of readers who want to see more coverage on the Benghazi attack and probable coverup and less of the ”binders,” “bayonets” and other silly stories masquerading as news during this election season. Meanwhile, there’s a real story developing. A number of news organizations have reported on new emails which you can read here. These e-mails provide more evidence that the White House unde ...

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