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Watchdog reveals that the London banking system protocols allow for money laundering by terror groups

Since 9/11, most of the draconian laws instituted in the West under the guise of 'fighting terrorism' were never meant to actually fight and stop these radical groups, but instead they were created to instill fear, and remove liberties from the people's of these countries.  And one does not have to go very far to realize this than to look just 10 days ago in Paris where a small group of terrorists were able ...

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New Rasmussen poll shows nearly 50% of country fears Jade Helm could lead to Federal expansion over states

In new set of polls released by the Rasmussen institute, nearly 50% (45%) of those polled believe that the upcoming Jade Helm exercise could lead the Federal government to expand their control over state authorities.  And while 64% polled believe that domestic training exercises are a positive thing, a growing portion of the population is unwilling to trust that Jade Helm is limited to simply a training exe ...

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British court rules that BBC violated national Terrorism Act during 9/11

In a shocking new ruling out of Britain, a UK court determined that the national media broadcast company BBC had violated the UK Terrorism Act when they announced on live TV that building 7 had fallen, despite the fact that the building had not yet been touched, or had collapsed. The court's ruling validates that the BBC had inside knowledge of 9/11 activities and that this cover-up will continue to fuel th ...

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Attorney General Holder finally acts to stop illegal theft and seizures by the police

There is one constant in the realm of politics... when the light is shined on the rats in Washington and at the local level then actual change takes place to the benefit of the citizens.  And with so many different sources, including satirists and comediennes speaking out on the topic of Civil Forfeiture regarding the police using a spurious Federal law to steal personal property from the people without a w ...

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Russian defense minister accuses U.S. of initiating majority of global conflicts

On Nov. 27, Russia’s deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov was addressing Southeast Asian military partners in Sri Lanka when he outlined and accused the U.S. of being the prime instigator of most of the global conflicts that have exploded onto the scene throughout the world in recent times.  During his address, Minister Antonov pointed out that it is not just conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that are di ...

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Saudi’s try to play both sides of the fence in new oil pricing scheme

One thing that nearly every analyst needs to remember when dealing with the Saudi Kingdom is that no matter their alliances, the Saudi's play their own game.  And while they have stood with the U.S. for more than 40 years in the 1973 petro-dollar agreement that has made the House of Saud multi-billionaires and allowed America to dominate global finance, even the Western power is at risk of being turned upon ...

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