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Stop-And-Frisk ‘American Apartheid System’

The New York City Police Department ‘s stop-and-frisk policy is “an American apartheid system” which is used to intimidate country’s minorities, says a member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace organization.


“Stop-and-frisk actually encourages human rights crimes against hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of African Americans, Muslims, native Americans, Latinos, and others”, said Randy Short in a phone interview with the U.S. Desk on Thursday.


“Stop-and-frisk has nothing to do with preventing violence. Stop-and-frisk is in reality a way of gentrifying an area or making an area all white. It is very similar to South African system of Apartheid where the blacks and others had to have passes to walk around,” he went on to explain.   


In a recent incident, on Oct. 8, The Nation posted a video capturing rare audio of a stop-and-frisk being carried out by the NYPD. The surreptitious cellphone recording starts with an East Harlem teenager named Alvin asking plainclothes officers why he’s being stopped for the second time in a matter of blocks.


The officers say he looks suspicious, then, when pressed, unleash a torrent of profanity, demanding to know who he thinks he’s talking to and threatening to jail him. “For being a f*****g mutt” is the response when he asks on what grounds he would be arrested.


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