SHERIFF’S SOLUTION: Dana Safety Supply Stops Selling Semi Auto Rifles to Civilians So Sheriff Pulls His Business


Well, another vendor has joined the ranks of those that fail to completely honor the Second Amendment.

Dana Safety Supply has stated that they will no longer sell AR-15 style rifles to civilians and will reserve those rifles for sale only to “law enforcement” only. DSS defines law enforcement as Law Enforcement Officers, Public Safety, LE Academy Cadets, EMT/Firefighters/Paramedics, Military Personnel, Corrections Officers, State Licensed Armed Security Officers, Court Judges, District Attorneys, and Deputy D.A.s.

According to numerous reader reports and other reports around the net, Dana Safety Supply has issued the following statement which suspends their sale of semi automatic rifles to civilians.

An email to DSS remains unanswered and a request for comment on their Facebook page was deleted without comment.

The following image was snapped by a customer at the GA location.


DSS also announced their position on a local gun message board in GA called The original thread can befound here but it looks like the original announcement has been edited to be removed. There is a screenshot of the announcement below (click for full size version).

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.02.48 PM

This would put Dana in the company of several other companies who have adopted the same policy in recent days.

One Sheriff in Oconee County wasn’t too fond of the new policy. Sheriff Scott Berry tells us:

Well, I have done business in the past with DSS and found them to be an excellent source of products that we buy…however, I just sent them this email…