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Sandy Hook – The Truth (Controversial Documentary) [VIDEO]

I created this video because obviously the puzzle pieces are floating around, it’s time someone starts putting them all together. This video contains nothing but facts. The only questionable point is the “moving car.” Still, I decided to cover it as it has had no coverage whatsoever. The goal of this video is to raise awareness.

The “moving car” is specifically questionable because I have located one other photograph that makes the car appear in front of the No Parking paint during the day time, however until I see a better angle, I can’t change my opinion.

Some AGENT is trying to debunk my video by arguing the mother’s texts from CBS were legitimate and they were providing her with information or something stupid like that, well, this link shows CBS didn’t even know the name of the school the day it happened. The lost “SANDY HILL” interview for that skid is located here:;_…

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