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RED SCARE: Chinese Hackers Attack NY Times Over Wen Probe


Over the past four months, Chinese hackers have penetrated computers belonging to the New York Times and its staff. The hackers appeared to be intent on hunting down and identifying newspaper sources involved in the investigation of a top Chinese leader. China’s Defense Ministry is denying any involvement in the attacks.

Fox News: “Chinese law forbids hacking and any other actions that damage Internet security,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. “The Chinese military has never supported any hacking activities. Cyber-attacks are characterized by being cross-national and anonymous. To accuse the Chinese military of launching cyber-attacks without firm evidence is not professional and also groundless.”

Experts investigating the breach said that the attacks used the same techniques as other recent high profile  attacks originating from China. It appears the hackers used phishing techniques in order to inject the paper’s computer systems with a strain of malware that has been used by the Chinese before on other targets.

The infrastructure used by the hackers consisted of a complex network of university computers in both China and the U.S. The attackers used the hijacked computers as a form of proxy in order to hide their tracks.  According to experts closely associated with the case, this network was used previously by the Chinese military to attack U.S. Defense Department contractors.

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The September attacks on the New York Times seemed to have been initiated as a result of an investigation into the financial affairs of the family of Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao. The family has apparently built a fortune, with questionable origins, worth over $2 billion.


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