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Pro-GMO Congresswoman Klobuchar Exposed


We the people do not have to just shut up and swallow our poison, courtesy of the biotech industry giants such as Monsanto. We can refuse to buy genetically modified organisms (GMOs), eliminate them from our lives, and call out the people in high places that are attempting to cram them down our throats.

There is a national campaign afoot to label GMOs, although I think that banning them altogether is a much better focus considering the documented health risks associated with this unstable, relatively unregulated technology. But I digress…

Just Label It has a campaign for people to go to their website and send a message to the FDA and Congress about labeling GMOs. Jon Abrahamson, regular contributor to Farm Wars and anti-GMO activist, sent one of these messages to Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Here is her response:

December 4, 2012  

Dear Mr. Abrahamson:  

Thank you for contacting me regarding genetically modified food. This is an important issue and I appreciate having the benefit of your comments.  

As you may know, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with both the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, tests genetically modified foods to make sure that they do not pose a significant risk to the environment, consumers, or other crops. 

As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I will monitor the Department of Agriculture’s efforts to ensure safe genetically modified food.  I also remain committed to an abundant, safe, and affordable food supply. That is why I was an original cosponsor of the Food Safety Modernization Act, which was signed into law on January 4, 2011.  This legislation gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new authorities, tools and resources to comprehensively reform the nation’s food safety systems to protect public health. I also introduced the Food Safety and Rapid Response Act, which establishes Food Safety Centers of Excellence, modeled on the exemplary work of the Minnesota Department of Health, to help state and local capabilities respond to food-borne illness.  Better testing and improved resources available through these regional centers will help state health officials respond more quickly and effectively to curb outbreaks of food-borne illness.  

Again, thank you for taking the time to write to me.  One of the most important parts of my job is listening to what the people of Minnesota have to say to me.  I am here in our nation’s capital to do the public’s business and to serve the people of our state.  With that in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me again about matters of concern to you.  


Amy Klobuchar

United States Senator

Evidently, Senator Klobuchar, your job is to shill for the biotech industry. But just in case I’m wrong on this, please show us the tests that you so heavily rely on that are conducted by the USDA, FDA and EPA on genetically modified food (GMOs). You can’t, Senator, because they don’t exist.

Here is Senator Klobuchar’s voting record on agricultural issues. “NO” on GMO labeling for the people and “YES” on the Food Safety Modernization Act that tips the scales for big business over the little guy.

The following is Jon’s excellent response:

Senator Klobuchar,

I’m sorry but I don’t have any faith in the EPA, USDA, or the FDA. For one,  I know that fluoride was banned as a rat poison due to it being so toxic. Hitler and Stalin used it in the Concentration camps, and the Gulags to keep their prisoners dumb and less ambitious. I don’t believe injecting Fluoride, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, and Mercury into our bodies keeps us healthy. 

I’ve been studying GMO’s for 4 years now (since construction is flatlined). The old saying still stands “You are what you eat.”

What I’ve found is that GMO’s are a game ender. People or anything that eats GMO’s will become sterile and sickly. I’ve talked to a couple of beef ranchers that were feeding their livestock GMO corn. This is exactly what they told me. 

I’m also familiar with all the people in the USDA & FDA that were in one way or another connected to Monsanto and the Bio- Chemical companies (43 of them in the last 20 years). Conflict of interest? I’ll bet their stocks are making a killing! Talk about entitlements. 

I’m also familiar with the fact that Monsanto does the tests for the FDA. They only do testing for 3 months. Why so short? I know why so short. Because if it went 4 months there would be detectable side effects from their GM diets. 

I’m also familiar with Dr. Seralini’s 2 year study on NK603. This confirmed everything I’ve suspected. It destroys kidneys, liver, virtually everything in the endocrine system, and causes sterility. I suggest some one watch this video I’m sending. That rat’s prostate gland is as big as a healthy 160 lb. man’s. This is in a rat that weighs about 2 lbs. They also have tumors as big as the rat itself. 

I’m also familiar with California’s Prop 37 and all the fraud, misrepresenting, and bald faced lies all the Bio-Chemical companies and their supporters did. By law they should be doing 20 years in prison. Even though these companies are considered people, I know this will never happen because of our Just-Us system. This is why most people have little if any faith in our Federal government, and taking it to the state level. GM labeling will come up in Minnesota’s next session. I’ve gotten my State Rep. (Ernie Leidiger) and State Sen. (Julianne Ortman) to support mandatory labeling. I won’t stop with them either. I’m keeping several of our state lawmakers abreast of what I’ve found about GMO foods. 

I’ve seen the dirty politics that happened in Vermont and Connecticut last year. I believe that was extortion pulled by Monsanto and crew. The people of the USA know that their voices are ignored and the corporations rule the day. This fact is in plain sight for those willing to look. This web site is up to speed on anything to do with GMO’s. 

I found it interesting that Russia put a ban on GMO’s a couple of weeks after  the Dr. Seralini and CRIIGEN study came out. Russia is also planning on being totally organic by 2015 I believe it is. There are about 60 nations in the world that have banned or have mandatory labeling to date. That list keeps growing. 

Dr. Don Huber has been warning us about the dangers of GMO’s for years. He was also a Colonel in the USAF for over 41 years and was Associate Director of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center. His credits are a mile long. Here’s an article about him by a friend (Barbara Peterson) who does the online publication called Farm Wars. 

I must also admit that I have absolutely no faith in the lame stream media as well. If they do cover something important, it’s so slanted if not total BS. This is why I don’t bother with even watching TV any more. Especially since we went digital. i won’t waste what little money I have on cable due to it’s nothing but infomercials and brainless movies and shows. I get my news from chat groups and online publications on the internet. Knowledge is Power. 

Thank you

Jon Abrahamson


“Nobody is waiting in the wings to save us.  The cavalry isn’t coming.  The cavalry is here.  If you’re still looking for your hero, check the mirror.” (Nick Brannigan)

May we all have the courage to stand up for what we know to be true like Jon. Check the mirror… Is your hero looking back? If not, do something about it. Take a stand. Make your voice heard. Ban GMOs now!


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