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Prevailing Against Anti Gun Propaganda With Facts

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If guns kill people, then spoons made people fat. There is a reason why there is anti gun propaganda. The US government wants us disarmed. With an armed population. Obama cannot put full blown socialism in place. The law-abiding people being armed is what stands in the way of full-blown tyranny. Now can I ask you? Do you think the US government has our best interest at heart? Do they really think of keeping us safe or keeping their power secure?

Moa Tsa Tung said” All political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” That means we the people still have much power being armed. No matter how much it is a tragedy with the massacre in Newtown Connecticut. We cannot blame the guns. If guns really killed people. Then how can a person make it out of a gun show or a gun shop alive? Guns do not have a mind of their own. The problem is who has the finger on the trigger. Also what their state of mind is. They do not need a gun to kill. Just have a butcher knife or a baseball bat to inflict just as much lethal force on a victim. They don’t need a gun to murder someone.

Do not be discouraged seeing the gun control advocates out there in full force pushing to disarm the people.  They are so desperate right now. I read about a White House Petition calling for gun control having the necessary 25,000 signatures for a response. I read about the tweets in mass calling for gun control. I do not believe in this massive grassroots call for gun control. I’m suspicious if real people are signing the White House petition. Because the US government does have software to generate fake accounts online. These reports of the grassroots calling for Americans to be disarmed is most likely an illusion.

Look at the facts.

- The US government has been caught paying off Journalist and the Mainstream media to broadcast fake news.

- The US Government cooks the books on the real unemployment, the real rate of inflation. Can we trust this being the real will of the people calling for gun control?

- The Mainstream media has no credibility.

- People no longer trust the Federal government. They see the Federal government a threat to freedom and security of the people.

If the Government really wanted to keep children safe. Then here is my questions to the polticans so concerned for the children.

- Why have they not mandated seat belts in School buses. More Children died last year in School bus accidents. I bet it more than what happens in School shootings.

-More children died drowning in bathtubs. Why are bathtubs not made illegal.

- More children died in car accidents. Why are cars not banned?

- More Children died drowning in swimming pools. Why are swimming pools not illegal?

- We should be homeless because children die more in accidents around the home ingesting cleaning products or sticking metal objects in the electric socket. Than why the government has not banned us living in homes because children dying in household accidents.

- Children die more from mauling by their own household dogs than by guns. Why are dogs not banned?

With close to 200 million gun owners in the country and close to over a billion guns in the hands of the American people. Gun accidents and incidents where children die by a firearm is very low per-capita than compared to auto accidents or dying by drowning.

The American people possessing guns stands in the way of full raw power by a dictatorship. It is obvious how the leftist are so fixated on disarming the people when the facts defeat every argument.  These people want unrestrained power. We stand in the way of them having this authority. They do not want us having any means to resist them. Gun ownership is their stumbling block.

These people wanting to disarm us are the dangerous people in power. These are the people who want to force us to take vaccines. These are the people who want the TSA on the highways conducting checkpoints groping our families. These are the people who want us under their complete control. The very people who want the NDAA to arrest us without trial and put us in FEMA camps for extermination. If they really cared about our children’s well-being and welfare. They make sure convicted pedophiles would not have  jobs in the TSA.

This anti-gun propaganda shows they’re desperate. We cannot be fooled that easily anymore. They’re losing the information war. People are buying guns in record numbers. Please do not lose heart. We are winning.



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