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This is not the sensationalized program aired on CBS in 1993 which depicted Noah’s Ark protruding from the ice on Mt. Ararat. That program was later shown to have been based on falsified stories, myth, and bogus documents. According to archeologists and scholars, this is the real Ark site. Here is the evidence, including photographs and film footage, to prove it.With the aid of aerial reconnaissance, technologically advanced sensing devices, controlled chemical analysis and strict archeological field work, this program presents the evidence that suggests scientists have indeed found the final resting place of Noah’s Ark as described in the Bible and the Book of Genesis. Includes photos, video, physical evidence and interviews with researchers 

Explorers have discovered the remains of a ship that may be Noah’s Ark as described in the Bible and the Book of Genesis. Facing the danger of civil war in the region, explorers investigate the site in an effort to solve this age old mystery.Discovery of Noah’s Ark – The Best Evidence, NOW on DVD in a New Extended 2-DVD Special Edition
– Includes 2 separate presentations: Discovery of Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Ark Found? Cat# K458 – Go to
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