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Mind Control, Not Gun Control


Newspeak was a term coined by George Orwell, which he said was created to “provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits” of the ruling elite and further “to make all other modes of thought impossible.“

Subcategories of newspeak included carefully crafted words created entirely and specifically for the purpose of a political agenda. According to Orwell, category ‘B’ words “consisted of words which had been deliberately constructed for political purposes.” These ‘B words’ often contain slogan like compound words creating snappy, happy conscious mind impressions while, at the same time, creating a subconscious mind impression containing contradiction; presenting the mind with a crisis of thought leading to confusion and anesthetization of critical thought. Critical thought being necessary to pull apart a tangled mess of contradictory messages and meanings.

One such phrase coined as a slogan-word is ‘gun control’. Gun control is a simple expression designed to ‘disarm’ critical thinking skills. ‘Gun control’ is phrase slogan-word which doesn’t map to a single definition, but rather maps to an endless parade of meanings, defocusing the conscious mind and tiring the unconscious mind.

Gun-control literally has a dozen or more meanings centering on the word control, as in controlling the potential gun owner in such as way as to prevent gun ownership. A few of the meanings of gun-control are :

Gun Registration – Collecting information on firearms and owners while tacitly re-defining ownership to mean ‘registered owner’; registration is now part of the definition of ownership.

Gun Licensing – Gun registration, plus accepting the idea that in order to ‘legally’ own (with registration) a gun, you must also accept the fact that it is illegal to own a gun unless it is licensed. Licensing temporarily grants immunity from the punishments of owning a gun illegally; however, the immunity is short lived and may be renewed only after a fee is paid to the government for the license. This fee and criterion, of course, are subject to change
Enumerating the list of meanings for gun-control would surely put the reader to sleep, but for purposes of this article, I’ll mention a few others. Gun control can also mean or include as part of the meaning: conceal carry ‘permits’, background checks, ‘safe storage’ requirements, limits on the number of guns that can be ‘owned’, controls on ammunition and on and on.

The point being that gun-control actually prevents – permanently, by your own permission – the right to ever OWN a gun. Ownership as defined in Blacks Law Dictionary, first edition, as:

The complete dominion, title, or proprietary right in a thing or claim. The ownership of a thing is the right of one or more persons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others.

Using this definition of ownership you see that it is not possible to “own” a gun if one tacitly or formally agrees to any sort of ‘gun control’ because gun ‘ownership’ is predicated on terms and agreements (contracts) that give rise to third party claims on your property.



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