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List Of All Train Derailments Since April 2013, STILL THINK IT’S A COINCIDENCE?

train derailment

This list was compiled by a dedicated GLP’er that goes by the name DACE.  It all started after the Boston Marathon Bombings when 2 people were arrested in Canada who were supposedly Al-Qaeda elements paid by Iran to blow up traintracks somewhere between Toronto and NYC.  Although oddly enough, a week before the Boston bombings, a man was arrested with IEDs on a New York bound train.  Then the accidents started happening. (in chronological order)

A Commuter Metropolitan Train Has Collided With A Big Rig In San Francisco 

300 people evacuated in Belgium after train carrying chemicals catches fire

Russian train explodes

Commuter train derails, hits another train in Connecticut

AMTRAK train from NOLA to Chicago derails

2 frieght trains collide in Missouri

Baltimore train explodes

Subway train derails in NYC

Train bridge collapse in Canada

Dutch bomb scare on train

Garbage train derails In Maryland

2 Trains collide in Mohawk, NY

Train derails near Houston, HAZMAT

Train catches fire in the Bronx

Lac Megantic train disaster

Train derails in Russia

Train derails in Paris

Train derails in Kansas

Train derails in Thailand

Train derails in Buffalo

Train derails in the Bronx

Train derails in Missouri

Train derails in India

2 Trains collide in the UK

Train derails in Mass.

Train derails in Denver

Spain Train disaster

Train derails in Tampa, HAZMAT

Train derails in India

Train derails in Canada

Trains collide in Switzerland

Train derails in Russia

Train derails in Thailand

The latest:  Train derails in Louisiana

So why all the train disasters?  34 incidents in less than 4 months.  The tally is well over 100 dead, many more injured.  Maybe, maybe the answer lies with that terror plot before all these happened.  Seems fishy no?   Or maybe its just that we are keeping track so there seems like more and the timing is just coincidence.  Who knows..   Things are happening though.  This terror alert and everything its all just so damned fishy.  -Mort


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