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Has Facebook Been Threatened?


Facebook banned a site called for posting a Gandhi quote.

And a journalist called Jon Rappoport, who was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, was banned from Facebook for writing an article that was critical of Obama. Facebook are in favor of Feinstein’s gun ban and anyone posting a pro-gun opinion gets knocked off. It is said Facebook have low paid workers in Bangladesh who monitor the site and the global Internet.

NaturalNews were reinstated, but they were warned if they ever offended Facebook’s guidelines, they would be banned forever. But no one knows what Facebook’s political guidelines are. And why does it attempt to impose control over what is written on other Internet sites around the world. .

Internet sites that rely on advertising need the Facebook traffic to keep their stats up, so there is a terror in it now, wondering what the owner Zuckerberg approves of and what he will censor. And no one knows how many sites have been banned by Facebook, it could be tens of thousands.

So either Zuckerberg is a megalomaniac attempting to impose himself on public opinion, which would be very odd, or I wondered if he’s been threatened.

What if Obama and the CIA and various agencies like Mossad have ordered him to censor sites and they have threatened him if he does not comply. There is no other logical explanation, I’d love to interview him and ask him.

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