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Gerald Celente: Trend for 2013 is an expansion of local community economics


As we enter the new year, many unresolved questions remain for the American people regarding taxes, the economy, the fiscal cliff, and what the future holds in 2013. On Jan. 1, leading trends analyst and forecaster Gerald Celente spoke on the Coast to Coast AM radio program and offered his predictions for the economy in the coming year, and forecasts an important trend for the future that will be led primarily by today’s younger generation.

George Norry: Now, let’s look at this for one second Gerald. What do you recommend as we roll into 2013 now? That Americans do, those who are working to preserve their job obviously, but what about those who are still looking for work? What do they do? What’s on the horizon for them?

Gerald Celente: We have to start it over again, and it’s very difficult. I will only say that this young millennial generation, which I call generation eff’d… what they are doing now, and you’re starting to see it, they’re going into areas that are run down, and inner cities that people don’t want to live in anymore… it’s a new homesteading. And they are trying to do it all locally. They are trying to buy local, make it local… not made in China. That should be the logo on everything, not made in China.

I believe the future is in the hands of these 77 million strong… it’s a wave as big as the baby boom. They are highly educated, and they know they have to create their own future.

We have areas here in upstate New York… used to call it the borscht belt because it was where all the old entertainers used to go in the Catskills. Now, all of these rundown areas are starting to get life in them again by young people homesteading them. – Coast to Coast AM, Jan. 1

It is ironic that the emerging trend seen by Gerald Celente for 2013 is an example of history repeating itself during two of the most turbulent times in American history. During the 1960’s, when the baby boomer generation was tired of constant wars, rigid societal fundamentalism, and the dreams of a new young President in John Kennedy, communal movements sprang up across the country where the younger generation desired local, closer knit societies, where free expression and opportunity were available outside social strictures and demands…


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