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FIGHT BACK: Feds Say They Are Coming For The Guns … FBI Background Checks Set New Record


Over the past few weeks since the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left over 20 children dead we have seen an unprecedented amount of calls for gun control.

Whether it be from President Obama, the corporate controlled media, or Senator Dianne Feinstein, the 2nd amendment is under attack like never before seen in the history of America.

As these attacks and calls for limiting or even dissolving the 2nd amendment continue, millions of Americans are flocking to gun stores throughout the country. Scared that their out of control government will limit their ability to defend themselves, Americans are purchasing weapons at a higher level than ever before.

For their part, the FBI has revealed that they conducted 39 percent more background checks in the month of December than in the month of November. (which had set a record in itself)

The total amount of FBI background checks was 2.78 million compared to the little over 2 million in the month of November.

According to a report by corporate media giant Reuters, this latest monthly figure is, “Up 49 perfect over December 2011, when the FBI performed a then record of 1.86 million checks.”

“Consumer demand for guns appears to have accounted for the uptick in activity. There were no changes in FBI background check procedures that would have affected the December numbers, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said.”

The fact that many Americans are completely ignoring the anti gun, corporate controlled media psyop that has bombarded the airwaves in the last few weeks has not fallen on deaf ears.

As these figures began to be widely reported, multiple cable news networks (especially CNN and MSNBC) dedicated segments to essentially chastise American citizens for not believing their propaganda and instead flocking to gun stores nationwide.

In the same Reuters report, noted gun grabber and super liberal Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, called the FBI numbers distributing and went on to ludicrously claim that only a small minority of Americans even buy guns.

“While the majority of Americans look for solutions to stop the next attack, a minority of gun owners runs to hoard the very guns used in the most recent” incidents, Sugarmann said.

This unprecedented amount of FBI background checks also comes as Senator Dianne Feinstein and other Congressional gun grabbers are set to introduce a new law that would strike a nail through the heart of the 2nd amendment.

As I reported on December 31, 2012, Feinstein is and always has been an infamous gun grabber who would like nothing more than to fully outlaw private firearm ownership in America.

“Among the ever-growing cast of gun grabbers, Senator Dianne Feinstein has all but lead the charge. With plans to introduce legislation that would ban most semi automatic weapons and implement full-scale gun registration, Feinstein has gone on the attack while still claiming she respects the right of Americans to own at least some sort of firearm.

Sadly, it has now been revealed that her claims are 100% bogus and that her real goal is the wholesale disarming of the entire country.

In a clip taken from a 1995 episode of 60 Minutes, Feinstein is seen and heard making the startling declaration that the only reason she didn’t pass a full-scale gun ban is because the votes in Congress simply weren’t there.”

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for anoutright ban, picking up every one of them…. Mr. and Mrs. American turn em all in. I would have done it.”

It is absolutely imperative that all freedom loving Americans demand that the 2nd Amendment be left completely alone. (and in cases such as New York City and Chicago actually upheld)

For without the 2nd Amendment we are nothing but a nation of sheep, totally dependent on a government that has shown itself to be nothing more than a pack of wolves ready to shred ever fiber of the once cherished Constitution and replace it with a massive technological police state.

By Alex Thomas
January 3, 2012

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