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Fecal Matter is in Most Beef, Investigation Finds [VIDEO]

“The Kansas City Star, in a yearlong investigation, found that the beef industry is increasingly relying on a mechanical process to tenderize meat, exposing Americans to higher risk of E. coli poisoning. The industry then resists labeling such products, leaving consumers in the dark.

The result: Beef in America is plentiful and affordable, spun out in enormous quantities at high speeds, but it’s a bonanza with hidden dangers. Industry officials contend beef is safer than it’s ever been.”*



A study from the Kansas City Star found that there is fecal matter in most beef, and thanks to a tenderizing process, the feces get pushed inside the meat, where it can poison people who cook it rare. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss why the GOPs constant deregulation of government inspection agencies may be the root of the problem.

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