FALSE FLAG?: Former School Board Official Claims Nobody Heard Of Shooters Mother Nancy Lanza At Sandy Hook Elementary


There are conflicting reports as to whether Nancy Lanza, the mother of suspected Newtown shooter Adam Lanza, was actually a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. In the flurry of inaccurate information that came out yesterday, it was believed that Ms. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. That was initially believed to be why Adam attacked the school, but now doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Wall Street Journal first cast doubt on Lanza’s connection to the school. “No one has heard of her,” Lillian Bittman, a former school board official, told the Journal. “Teachers don’t know her.” “Relatives” told ABC News she may have volunteered there, but she wasn’t a teacher. A parent told the Associated Press Lanza was a substitute, but they couldn’t verify that with any records at the school. The Stanford Advocate reported the same thing. So, which is it?