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*FACEPALM* – Wells Fargo Forecloses On Florida Man For PAYING HIS MORTGAGE EARLY!!!


Etienne Syldor of Orlando, Florida was never late with paying his mortgage and even sent his bank more money than he owed every month. That’s why he’s outraged that Wells Fargo has informed him that they’re foreclosing on his home.

Syldor, a Haitian immigrant who works as a bus driver at Disney World to make pay his mortgage every month, has hired a real estate attorney to fight the foreclosure.

Speaking to WFTV News, Syldor explained that he could lose his house for being too punctual with his payments.

And you didn’t miss any payments?” reporter Kenneth Craig asked Syldor.

I didn’t miss any,” Syldor responded.

And you overpaid?” Craig asked.

I overpaid,” Syldor said.

The root of the problem appears to be exactly the opposite of what Syldor — or any other homeowner — would expect: the foreclosure proceedings actually got off the ground because Wells Fargo was receiving the payments before they were expecting them.

Syldor said to WFTV that he was offered a temporary mortgage modification by Wells Fargo last year and was told that it would become permanent if he made four monthly payments during that time. According to the bank, though, being overly eager to pay up could have caused the problems.


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