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F#@% THE POLICE: Oakland Cops Point Guns at Sleeping One-Year-Old in Misdemeanor Warrant Search

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A recent police accountability report in Oakland revealed the horrible details of a raid where police pointed guns at a sleeping one year old child.

The East Bay Express Reported that:

“Two Oakland police officers pointed their firearms at a sleeping nineteen-month-old child while investigating a misdemeanor crime, according to a new report released Thursday. The sleeping child posed no threat to the officers, and yet they pointed their guns at the one-year-old anyway. The alarming incident was cited by Independent Monitor Robert Warshaw in his latest report on OPD misconduct.

Warshaw noted that the department has had a history of overly aggressive behavior toward city residents. Warshaw also noted in his report that OPD not only failed to make any progress in living up to court-mandated reforms in the latest monitoring period, but actually lost ground for the second quarter in a row.”

Although there are few details being released at this time, it is fairly safe to say that this was likely connected to a drug offense or some other nonviolent crime, considering that it was noted as a misdemeanor.

It seems that more often than not, police go into routine calls with guns blazing.  This is happening so much across the country, that it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to consider that maybe they are being trained like to perceive and treat every single person as if they were a criminal.  Apparently, that even extends to children as young as one year old, who pose no threat on the officers life at all, nor do they have any possibility of being a criminal.

…And these are the people that gun control advocates trust with weapons?


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