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DHS Preparing for Civil War? Economic Collapse? Both? [VIDEO]

Why has the Department of Homeland Security recently ordered a total of 1.2 billion bullets, the majority of which are hollow points and buckshot? What are they preparing for? Civil war? Economic Collapse? A combination of the two? These kinds of bullets are not used for target practice.
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450 million rounds purchased by DHS earlier this year:…

Purchase order for additional 750 million rounds of ammunition…

Backup link to download the purchase order from my site:…

Obama promises gun control action early next year…

Top economist say U.S. economy is in a death spiral that may end civilization as we know it:…

DHS to use drones over U.S. territory:

NDAA 2013 passes with indefinite detention still intact

QE3 has already Failed:…
Toxic assets still on the books:
The size of the derivatives bubble:

Operation Fast and Furious:………
Obama used executive privilege to protect Eric Holder:

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