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New Research Finds Humans Should Be Living To Be 500 YEARS OLD

Living to the ripe old age of 500 might be a possibility if the science shown to extend worms’ lives can be applied to humans, scientists have said. U.S. researchers tweaked two genetic pathways in the tiny lab worm Caenorhabditis elegans and boosted the creature’s lifespan by a factor of five. The research raises the prospect of anti-ageing treatments based on genetic interactions, they said. ‘What we have ...

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(by Susan Duclos) -- An explosive bit of information was obtained by John Moore which he reveals on his February 25, 2014 show. He received this information from a private source about the Texas Department of Public Safety, which runs the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol, telling their agents to keep all tactical and survival gear in their vehicles, with them, as of March 1, 2014 and to “be prepar ...

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SANDY HOOK; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record [VIDEO]

Sandy Hook – NO DEATHS, NO VICTIMS; According to SSDI Official Master File The Sandy Hook shooting official narrative is now dead. We have seen in previous films how the Newtown school “shooting” was interconnected not only to the CIA, but also that Dawn Hochsprung – a supposed ‘victim’ of the event – is closely related to the family of a key propagandist. This propagandist AND Hochsprung are secretly and c ...

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Yes, This Tiny Home Is Very Cool. But There’s Something That Makes It Completely BRILLIANT

The designers at I-Beam Design created the Pallet House Project because they were inspired by one simple, but unbelievable, fact: 84% of the world’s refugees could be housed with a year’s supply of recycled American pallets. Just based off of a year and a half year of pallet production in the US alone, 33 million refugees could live in a Pallet House. That’s a lot of housing for a LOT of people in need. Wha ...

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This Powerful Video Will Change How You Live In 60 Seconds

  "Children see. Children Do." That's the description, and overall message of this one-minute film that's meant to open parents' eyes. The video, created by True Activist, shows kids mimicking common adult behavior -- smoking, littering, yelling at other drivers. The images are quite jarring, but they're also a great reminder to parents to be mindful of your actions.   ...

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Couple Discovers TREASURE OF $10,000,000 In HIDDEN GOLD, BURIED In Rusty Can

“Don’t be above bending over to check on a rusty can” An anonymous California couple in Gold Country found $10 million worth of gold coins in rusty cans buried in the the hollow of an old tree. The find, nicknamed the Saddle Ridge Hoard, could be the largest treasure find in U.S. history. The 1,427 coins found date from 1847 to 1894 and are said to be in mint condition, having been uncirculated. They’ve bee ...

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VIDEO Shows Man Attempting To Hug a Wild Lion …& Then THIS HAPPENED

Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper renowned for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides. Kevin understands these lions at a fundamental level: their behavior, instinct, emotion. Kevin has slept, fed, and lived next to lions, having worked with many of them since they were cubs. He trusts lions enough to stick his arm in their mouth! Kevin leverages his ability t ...

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Man SUES HIS WIFE For Having UGLY BABIES. Find Out How He … WINS!!!

A man sued his ex-wife over having ugly kids and he won. His ex-wife was ordered by court to pay him $120,000 in this bizarre case. This story started out with the man suing his wife because she gave birth to an ugly baby girl, but once DNA tests proved that the child was his, he sued her for having ugly children. He did this on the grounds of 'false pretenses' after finding out his ex-wife's beauty was due ...

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What This Guy Did After Getting Mugged Was Either Genius or Insane … Which Is It?

This is an older story but still one worth sharing (I hadn’t heard it before now). Julio Diaz has a daily routine. Every night, the 31-year old social worker ends his hour-long subway commute to the Bronx one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner. But one night, as Diaz stepped off the No. 6 train and onto a nearly empty platform, his evening took an unexpected turn. He was walking toward the ...

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