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NSA phone spying program FOILED plan to blow up New York City subway, claim under fire security officials NSA domestic spying program foiled 2009 NYC subway bombing plot Government program credited by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., House Intelligence Committee head, with thwarting planned attack Alleged terrorist found out after emailing known Al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan for help making a bomb Attack stopped as ...

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  Brandon Bryant, 27, served as a drone operator from 2006 to 2011 at bases in Nevada, New Mexico and Iraq He could clearly see his targets through thermal images on a computer When he was recruited to the job, he was told he would be like the smart guys in the control room in a James Bond movie   A former drone operator who helped kill 1,626 targets says he's haunted by the carnage he witnessed f ...

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A team of Australian industrial designers and scientists have unveiled their prototype for the world's first bionic eye. It is hoped the device, which involves a microchip implanted in the skull and a digital camera attached to a pair of glasses, will allow recipients to see the outlines of their surroundings. If successful, the bionic eye has the potential to help over 85 per cent of those people classifie ...

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Is There A Global Depopulation Agenda Being Played Out?

There is still a large portion of the population that would deny the idea that our government is ethically corrupt and that events such as 9/11 were strategically planned out beforehand. It is difficult to comprehend the fact that the people in power would plan such a devastating attack, for the aftermath has resulted in a decade long war which has thwarted humanity’s path in such a destructive and unsustai ...

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Touching Video of a Three Year Old Kid Explaining Why He Doesn´t Want to Eat Meat

Kids are amazing aren’t they? Every time I look at a kid and how they view this world I notice how amazing this world would be if we were not all programmed to exist in the “real world” as we get older. Kids have amazing imaginations, they believe in magical things and don’t spend every waking moment thinking about the past or future. They enjoy the now, they love everyone and don’t discriminate. When you s ...

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How Big Pharma came to champion Obamacare, Kathleen Sebelius squeezes funds from the insurance industry?

To this day there are people who believe that the president is opposed to “corporate interests.” Most of the people who think this have not spent much time at this site it’s probably safe to say. The truth is, so long as a corporation agrees to play and to make the administration look good, Obama is happy to become that corporation’s best friend. The banks continue to run free with Holder throwing up his ha ...

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Santa Monica Shooting: Another False Flag?

Once again, we have a shooter who takes aim at innocent civilians, dressed in all black BDU’s, like VA Tech, Giffords AZ Shooter, Aurora Theater, Newtown School. Also, there were reports of second and third shooters, different weapons used, inconsistent casualty counts, secrecy surrounding the shooters identity, etc… But I will show some proof of inconsistencies and just plain bizarre police explanations. T ...

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SPEECHLESS: School Holds Toy Gun Buyback Program

It’s looks as if the firearm buyback craze has turned a new page – targeting toy guns. Apparently Strobridge Elementary School in Hayward, CA will host a toy gun buyback this Saturday. Kids who turn in their plastic pistols, Nerf shooters and rubberband rifles will be entered to win a bicycle. So, actually it’s more like a raffle, but who’s splitting hairs? Charles Hill, the school’s principal, explained, “ ...

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Uncovered: Bilderberg Documents from the First Meeting in 1954

Posted by: 911DisclosureBlog Photo credit: Shepherd Johnson      Washington D.C. – The Bilderberg Group is a network of powerful men and women from across the globe that hold an annual conference at various locations around the world, protected by armed guards and no media scrutiny. The members are not to speak about the group openly, even though they are said to discuss global issues and create internation ...

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