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Hillary Voter Registration Fraud Caught on Camera?

A Democratic Party staffer was caught on camera violating Nevada election law by soliciting votes for Hillary Clinton. The woman in the clip, later named as Susan Berman, a PR strategist from Davis, California. is seen holding a clipboard with an image of Donald Trump crossed out underneath the words, “Stand Up To Trump! – Register to Vote”. The “register to vote” text also appears in Spanish. “I’m working ...

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CNN staged a dramaticized satellite interview with 2 reporters in same parking lot

By William at   You can clearly see the same cars passing behind each of them.  Nancy Grace, CNN and Ashleigh Banfield have explaining to do.  They were both in Phoenix to cover the trial of Jodi Arias. “It seems that Grace and Banfield are sitting in the same parking lot, facing in the same direction, and judging by the speed of the vehicles in their shots, they cannot be sitting more than 3 ...

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Survivalist Saves Home With Aqua Dam After Everyone Called Him Crazy

Texan Robert Wagner's story is a lot like Noah's. Everyone believed he was crazy, up until the rain started falling. After driving from Texas to Louisiana and spending $8300, Wagner managed to conserve his house from an awful flood. He acquired a 30 ″ Aqua Dam, which can be filled with water to develop a flood barrier. The flood waters reached a depth of 27 ″ around his home, however the barrier never broke ...

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Video: Giant Snake Skin Confirms ‘Wessie is Real’

August 21, 2016 Skeptics who scoffed at reports of a giant snake in Westbrook, Maine may be eating their words after an enormous snake skin was found there this weekend. The purportedly ten-foot-long creature was first sighted around the end of June by local residents and police officers also spotted the snake shortly thereafter. That particular encounter was a gruesome scene as the snake was seen eating a ...

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How Dangerous Are Modern Nuclear Weapons?

The National Archives and Records Administration has released a detailed study that offers new insight into United States’ Cold War planning (like how to execute World War III and annihilate mankind) in 1959 including the systematic and overwhelming destruction of urban-industrial targets, purposefully targeting civilian populations in all cities, including Beijing, Moscow, Leningrad, East Berlin, and Warsa ...

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Watch: Ridiculous Road Rage Erupts in Russia

August 19, 2016 A dashcam in Russia managed to film an incredibly strange road rage incident when a person jumped out of their SUV to fight a costumed man with a giant head! The bizarre scene begins with the masked man stepping out into the road and stopping the vehicle. For reasons unexplained, he then kicks its front bumper and ventures over to confront the driver. Suddenly, a passenger from the SUV runs ...

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Loch Ness Monster Photographed by Vacationer?

August 19, 2016 A Scottish woman on vacation at Loch Ness was fortunate enough to have the tourist experience that thousands of visitors to the site every year hope for when she seemingly spotted Nessie! Calley Tulleth took a holiday to the famed paranormal landmark with her family and, during a leisurely lunch, she suddenly noticed something very strange in the water. Thankfully, Tulleth managed to photogr ...

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The Federal Reserve Just Made a Facebook Page… And It’s Getting Destroyed by Trolls

(ANTIMEDIA) The Federal Reserve bank is well-known for its secrecy. But in an attempt to reach out to the people it claims to serve, the monolithic bank just created a Facebook page . . . and it’s probably really regretting that decision. Unlike Twitter, where the Fed decides which comments to reply to — and therefore which show up publicly on its page — its public Facebook page, launched Thursday morning, ...

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Gloves Off: Trump’s First TV Ad Takes Hillary to Woodshed

GOP candidate Donald Trump has released his first television ad distinguishing himself from opponent Hillary Clinton and her globalist immigration policies. Promising to secure America’s borders and bring about a safer nation, the 30-second spot depicts how a Hillary presidency would be a continuation of the Obama administration’s disastrous policies. “In Hillary Clinton’s America: The system stays rigged a ...

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